Tell You What!

I had my usual conference with my girls as a follow up to my date.  Michele was very impressed that Lucky is such a gentleman.  He treated me like a lady throughout the entire evening.  I have to admit, that the feminist in me didn’t mind in the least.  Lucky opened the doors, guided me into the room, asked my preference about where we ate.  He was very handsomely groomed, he  in fact wore a suit and tie.  It was appropriate for the restaurant. 

No person is perfect.  I’m certainly not, and Lucky wasn’t perfect either.  But he knew how to take advantage of his best traits.  He made an excellent first impression.  The fact that he shared a a lot of personal information and that the conversation got pretty intense was set aside because his manners and behavior toward me were impressive. 

Michele is my protector.  She can be a tough critic, but she loves me and watches out for me.  I always appreciate her comments because it makes me take another look.  Lucky’s behavior throughout the evening had given me a sense of comfort with him.  He was earning my trust.  Just a little bit at a time.  

It wasn’t long before Tammy phoned for the update.  She and I have been friends for over 30 years. I think she knows me better than anyone else.  Sometimes she knows me better than I know myself.   She listened as I recounted the night.  Then she had two questions for me.  The first, was if there was any pie left over, lol.  And the second question, was what I was going to do about Coach?  Since I had a date with Lucky and it went well, was I going to get to know Coach too?  Would I date them both at the same time?   (That was more than two questions, lol)

When I began this online dating thing… I had no idea what I was doing.  I just wanted someone to go to a movie with.  I hadn’t thought past that.  I hadn’t worked out all of the details.  I had no major plan of action.  But it seems the girls really wanted to know.   Don’t ya just hate it when they make you think things through?  I’m kind of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of girl.

I needed a little time to figure this out.  I signed onto one dating site to see what had been happening there.  A few more browsers had viewed my profile, but no new prospects had winked or emailed.  So it was on to the next one.  As if on cue, Coach popped up for a chat.  Within a few posts he had me laughing.  And I tell you what, by the end of the conversation we had a date to meet in person. 

A date to meet seemed to be a contradiction of sorts to me.  It was more of a meeting to look each other over.  To see if what we had learned in email or on the phone was actually who was standing there in front of me.  I came up with the term Meet & Greet.  Whereas a first date would come after a meet & greet.  After it had been agreed that both people were interested in  a romantic connection.

It was a warm October evening when Coach and I met for dinner in a small town with a trendy eatery.   I was very excited to meet him.  He was so fun and spontaneous.  He was also the first man I’d be meeting that was my own age.  As his name implies, he is very physically active and quite fit as well, according to the picture that he emailed me. 

I waited in my car in front of the restaurant until I saw him walking down the sidewalk.  It was then I made my appearance.  We met in front of the door at the same time.  I was smiling… and I couldn’t seem to stop it.  I didn’t think I was nervous, but as luck would have it, I tripped a little bit as I tried to get up on the high chair at our table.  Of course Coach noticed.  He gently placed his hand on mine and said “you really don’t have to be nervous.”   I felt even more embarrassed after his comment.   I was saved by the waitress however when she came to get our beverage order. 

Apparently I just needed a soda coursing through my veins, because our witty banter continued throughout dinner.  It seemed as if we’d just sat down but two hours had already passed by.  It was going well, very well.  I was having such a fun time.  He asked if I’d like to take a walk, and of course I thought that would be wonderful.  Coach shared about his grown kids and how he came to be a coach.  He is very proud of his children and continues to be a very active dad.  He also has another grandchild on the way. 

It was getting dark as we made our way back to our cars.  Coach said he’d never seen a car like mine and asked a few questions.  I have a crossover vehicle.  I felt a little bit like Vanna White as I was showing him the finer points of the car.   As we stood on the sidewalk next to my car, I turned to see the sun setting and I thanked Coach for such a fun evening.  We shared a hug and said goodnight.

As I was driving home thinking about these two very different men, I realized this dating thing would be more complicated than I had anticipated.  I began thinking about Tammy’s questions.. and about the answers I’d have to figure out sooner rather than later.  Can I actually date more than one man?


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