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I got a call from each of the girls on Sunday afternoon.  Both of course wanted a call after my date this evening had ended.   Gotta work on that conference call thing.  Anyway… I made scalloped potatoes and ham and a pie for Coach and I.  I set the table and lit the candles, I turned on the music and then I changed my clothes and did my make up.  Then I waited.  Almost as if on cue, Coach texted me.  He was about five minutes away.  Ahhhhhh!  I felt nervous.  What was this about?  Pacing.  That’s what happened next.

As he pulled up in front of my apartment my heart-rate increased.  This wasn’t a good time for a cardiac incident.  Geez, at the last date we had, I began by tripping on my way to the table.  I’m such a goof!  I took a deep breath.  Figured it couldn’t hurt.  And if I was indeed having a cardiac problem.. oxygen would definitely be a plus.  That’s when the silly smile started again.  What is wrong with me?!

I think Coach has managed things like this before. He obviously recognized that wacky smile I had going on my face.  He greeted me with a quick little kiss on the lips.  (My heart rate increased again).  He commented on how wonderfully it smelled in my apartment.  As he began to take off his jacket I commented that we had a little while until dinner was done and I suggested that we take a walk.  I’d introduce him to my lake.  I love my lake.  He thought that sounded like a great idea since he’d been in the car for a while.  He helped me on with my coat.  And off we headed for the lake.

It was already dusky as we walked down the sidewalks.  The fall air was a little bit crisp as the sun was settling in for the night.  But neither of us seemed to notice.  I did however notice his warm hand as he gently grasped mine.  I smiled inside.  He asked about my weekend and shared about his.  I told him my girlfriends had both checked in with me before he arrived.  He asked if they were giving me helpful hints.. I blushed, but it was getting too dark for him to notice, lol.  I admitted that they had indeed put in their two cents worth.  He said he’d gotten the same thing from his son before he left.  One more street to cross.. and there it was ahead of us.  My lake.  (Not like it belongs to anyone else or anything.)

Each step we took down the lighted walk-way it got a little bit darker.   Then in mid-step Coach stopped.  As I turned and looked up at him,  his eyes met mine and he said softly, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you in the moonlight.”   He put his arm around me and pulled me toward him and with one finger just below my chin, he tipped my face up toward his.  I felt my eyes twinkle as he pressed his warm, soft lips against mine.


When we began walking again, I wondered to myself what romance novel he’d been reading.  I really hope he doesn’t lose it!

We continued walking toward the city park, with the benches perched nicely at the ends of the docks.  Perfect for watching the sunset.  Even though the sun was resting now, we still made our way to the bench.  Here we talked about our dreams.  I told him I hoped that one day I’d be lucky enough to have a small place on the lake.   He said he’d wish it for me.  Somehow I knew he really meant that.

All of a sudden we were both cold.  We made a brisk walk back to my apartment and the warm creamy smell of scalloped potatoes and ham.   The music was still playing as we did the last-minute touches to our dinner.  We ate at my little small table, big enough for two place settings and a candle.   Everything tasted better than it ever had before.  And for dessert, we danced.  He held me closely as we swayed to soft romantic music.  Every now and then, he’d whisper something in my ear.  I dont’ know what he said, because I was lost somewhere in this fairytale.  Suddenly, as if he were Cinderella about to lose a glass slipper, he said “it’s late and I should go.. he kissed me good night, and was gone.


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