I Just Have This Feeling

Tammy and Michele sure are troopers.  They have been right here with me as I try on this new single-woman lifestyle.  For two married girls, they have been so supportive of me.  I wouldn’t have gotten through all of these changes without their ongoing encouragement.

Now as I make my way through each of the date options, my girls are still right here with me.   They’re curious, they laugh, they suggest and then they can hardly wait for updates once I’ve gotten to meet a potential date.   Recently there’s been a lot of commiserating after the meet & greets.  I’m feeling sort of frustrated.  These guys come across pretty well through email and even on the phone.  But when they appear in person.. oh my gosh!  It’s been shocking.

I’ve decided to give the initial contact period a little more time before I meet another potential date.  I begin this new and improved preliminary process with Wheels and maybe I’ll have better luck.

I joined a new dating site two days ago.  I’ve decided to try out each site that I come across for a one month membership.  This one has the usual profile of each person.  You can post a picture on your profile and tell a few things about yourself.  And if you see someone you’d be interested in contacting.. then you click an icon and they receive a notification of your interest.  So being the ever hopeful and persistent girl that I am, during my free time, I begin scanning profiles.  I see some of the same guys on this site that were on the other site I was on.   Then as I’m scrolling through, I stop at one profile.  I just have this feeling.  A  profile like so many others is on my screen, and I just sat there looking at it.  He didn’t even have a picture posted.  But I had a feeling.  So I clicked.  It opened a screen that I could leave a message on.  Hmmmm…..  at a loss for words.  (Odd huh?)  I typed a couple of really lame greetings.. and erased them.  Then I decided I was trying too hard, and yammered out something about who I was and that his profile sounded like we had some common interests.  Click.

I decided to get out among people today.  It was time to refresh myself.  I did a few errands, a little shopping and grabbed some lunch.  Then I went to a movie.  I don’t really remember which movie, because it wasn’t long after I sat down with my popcorn that I got an alert on my phone. With my slightly buttery fingers I got out my phone to see if it was my horoscope or…  It’s my lucky day!  I have an email from the new dating site!  And darn it, I’m stuck here for the next two hours AND I had to turn my phone off in the theater.

We met in person after five days of emailing back and forth, and two phone calls.  (So much for that take your time and get to know ’em better plan, lol.)  I arrived at Perkins on Saturday morning at 11:25.  I waited in the entry way.  I saw him pull into the parking lot and watch me walk inside.  OMG, I’m nervous.  I haven’t seen a picture of him.  I have no idea what he looks like other than the printed details on his profile page.  He’s getting out of his car…   (I shouldn’t stare at him as he walks toward me, even though I want to VERY much.)  I turn and look out the opposite window.  I can feel him getting closer.

He’s here..  his voice says, “Jeannie?”  I turn toward him and reach out and hug him.  He feels very nice.  He’s 5’10, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and his name is Goose.  (Not really, but it IS his nickname.  He’ll kill me if he ever reads this).


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