“Normal” Isn’t Only the Setting on the Dryer

We were seated in a booth.  Now I could finally look at Goose without seeming too obvious.  He wasn’t too shy.  He wasn’t too cocky.  He wasn’t stupid or ugly.  And he didn’t talk about his previous relationships.  He was just as witty in person as he was through email and text.  He was talkative and asked questions just like he was really interested in hearing the answers.  What’s even more impressive is that he remembered details from our previous conversations. 

He ordered the Tremendous Twelve and I ordered an Omlet.  He used his fork and spoon AND his napkin.  I was kind of in Meet & Greet shock.  This is a really nice guy sitting here.  He talked about his kids and grandkids and asked about mine.  He talked about his job and how much he enjoys it.  I could see the pride on his face.   As we worked our way through our food, I began to relax.  I didn’t have to be on guard for some sort of craziness.  No nodding off and he has teeth.  So I asked about his pets.  (I had to check it out)  He has two dogs and some cats on his acreage, but none in the house.  

Two hours later, it was clear that our lunch was approaching the finish line when Goose asked what my afternoon plans were.  I told him I was plan-less for the day.  He said he had a birthday party to go to for one of his grandkids but not til evening.  He asked if I’d like to take a drive on such a warm sunny fall afternoon.  His offer made me smile and I accepted. 

Our adventure took us on a three-hour country road excursion through southern Minnesota and North Central Iowa.  We talked and chatted and laughed.  I was having a wonderful time.  As we neared the town where I live I invited Goose to my apartment for a piece of pie.  This time, he smiled and accepted.   (How handy was it that I had made pie the day before?)   I gave him the tour and we sat in the livingroom and ate our pie.  This had turned out to be such a nice day.  All because I had paid attention when “I just had this feeling.”

Honestly, I had been losing faith in this online dating business.  Michele had been offering that I should try to meet someone at the grocery store or on one of my walks by the lake.  I regularly go to the grocery store and the lake, but not once had any guy as much as noticed me.  Not even a lame,” do you think this melon is ripe?”   But I have to admit that the men I’d been meeting weren’t exactly as they appeared to be online.  Maybe that’s why Goose’s profile struck me.  He wasn’t presenting anything, no picture at all. 

I used to tell clients that “Normal” is nothing more than the setting on the dryer.  That they didn’t need to worry about being a certain way as long as they were being themselves, that was all that mattered.  In some respects I still believe that.  But in the dating world.. I’m so relieved to finally meet one guy who falls into the “normal” category.  Now, I know that Winkin, Blinkin and Nod were being themselves.  And they are perfectly content in who they are.  I do have to commend them for that.  And their ‘being who they are’ is helping me learn what I want in a dating partner. 

After the pie, I sat quietly content as Goose drove us back to our starting point. It was very comfortable sitting beside him.  It was like the conversation was continuing on even though neither of us spoke.  The silence didn’t have to be filled with words.  I looked over at Goose as he drove… he noticed when I smiled and then he smiled.  What a perfect afternoon.


4 thoughts on ““Normal” Isn’t Only the Setting on the Dryer

  1. Wow, 1, the skeptical side of me says he too good to be true… be CAREFUL! On the other hand, perhaps dreams do come true after all.

    I love your blog theme. Thank you for subscribing to my blog.

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