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Night Life

The distance from where Wheels lives and the place Goose and I are meeting is about 8 miles.  But I drove home 25 miles to shower, change clothes and regroup.  Of course I have to check my dating sites too.  And as luck would have it, I have an interested party.  His name is The Editor.  He lives in a bigger city about three hours away. He’s just a couple of years older than I am and very hilarious!  I met him on a 5 minute speed date.  His profession is in the writing field, and it sparks my interest because I hope to do something with my writing some day.  I was hoping I’d meet someone who could encourage, guide or teach me more about writing.  When the student is ready the teacher appears.  And he just popped up on my screen.  How handy is that?  It’s almost like placing an order at the drive-through speaker.  And when the clerk asks, “Do you wanna super-size that?” (Well  hell yeah!) Then you pull around to the window and they hand you a date. Very convenient.  Add another page to The Binder.

It’s amazing what you can find out in five minutes.  Of course I’m getting some online dating experience and so I know what to ask according to what appears possible with this person.  I have met some real creeps on the various dating sites.  You can tell they’re looking for a sexual hook-up and they have no manners about it.  It’s usually a vague question that they ask.. “What are you looking for on here?”   They’re hoping that you’ll say a night of crazy casual sex.  No connections, no names.. just a good time.  They are utterly disappointed when I say I’m looking for one amazing relationship.  Lol…  after a while, it’s just fun to play with ’em.  They’re all hyped up on testosterone and fantasy.  They’re conversation usually begins with ‘tell me what you’re wearing?”  So you make up something totally sensual even though you’re wearing faded sweat pants and an old sweater.    But today I don’t have time for some guy’s hopeful antics.  I have a date.. with a really nice guy!

I wore jeans, black leather ankle boots, a teal sweater and a black leather jacket that Tammy told me was totally sexy when we were shopping at Younkers last week.  I have to admit.. it does look good.  Tonight’s date will be its maiden voyage.  We’ll see if it makes an impression.

A touch of make up and a last fluff to the hair and it’s as good as it’s gonna get.  I of course called both Tammy and Michele for the pre-date conversations.  I give them each the plan for the date, ie.. time, place and location.   Cell phone is charged and I stopped at the ATM.  Goose and I are meeting at a Casino for dinner and I suppose some gambling.  (I have NO idea how to gamble.  I know there are machines and lots of lights and sounds… but I’m clueless what to do.  I hope he doesn’t laugh.)

I stopped at the gas station close to the casino, as per my usual routine.  Made sure my gas tank was full and visited the lady’s room.  Then I made my way next door to the casino.  The parking lot was soo full!  I should have just left my car at the gas station and walked across the street.  As I walked toward the main door, I could see Goose waiting there for me.  He looked very nice.  He turned toward me as I approached him and greeted me with “Wow! You sure look great!”  (Dang, Tammy was right about the jacket.  Black Leather must have special powers.)  I smiled and thanked him.  He took my hand and we went inside.

There was quite a crowd on a Friday night.  The buffet line wound around like a hungry snake. People standing ahead of us impatiently swaying from side to side.  I didn’t mind the line at all.  Goose was here standing next to me, smiling and holding my hand.  It was already a fun date!  We were seated to the side of the main dining area.  I was pleased because then we’d be able to hear each other through all of the chatter and bells and whistles going off in the outer casino area.  The waitress took our beverage order (sodas) and motioned us to the buffet.  It was huge!  People were swarming like bees heading for the hive.  Feverishly making their way from station to station. It didn’t seem to matter who was in their way.  I grabbed a salad plate and hoped for the best.  I glanced over the salad fixin’s and began making my choices.  I have an allergy to Monosodium Glutamate, otherwise known as MSG.  I get a flushing red rash within an hour of eating it, followed by a migraine.  I try to avoid MSG whenever possible.  Buffets are a total crap shoot.  People near me are piling their plates layer by layer and here I am choosing each item as carefully as possible.  I had no desire to get sick on a date.  I choose things with no sauce, no dressings, no flavor for the most part, lol.  Things that are as plain as possible.  Ham, mashed potatoes, plain carrots, a roll.  Anything that is made from a mix, or has a sauce generally has MSG in it as a flavor enhancer.  Chinese food is a guaranteed migraine.  I love to cook because then I can have variety in my food choices, but here.. it’s better to be safe.  When I arrived back at the table, Goose was already seated with lobster and crab legs jutting out from the edges of his plate.  He looked at my plate in astonishment, but didn’t say anything.

I read in an article once that if a guy offers you a bite of his food, that you should take it.  He’s extending a compliment to you by sharing his food.  I hate it when I remember that kind of stuff. Cause Goose was sharing bites of lobster dipped in less than warm, melted margarine.  Obviously, the margarine wasn’t real margarine or it would have solidified.  It’s some kind of oil based dipping sauce.  I could see railroad crossing lights flashing in my mind. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding. Ding.  But, there was that article and me opening my mouth.  I took the bite and nearly gagged, but I got it down! I took one for the team!  However,  Goose was no fool and knew it was less than pleasing to me.  I felt the need to confess my food sensitivity with him.  He chuckled and then finished his less than warm lobster.  I hope he found it enjoyable.


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  1. Thank you for your vote of confidence! As I write, I feel as if you’re all here in my livingroom with a cup of coffee and cake as I share about my next crazy adventure.

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