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…And Then

During dinner we chatted and laughed.  Goose has a great sense of humor.  We discussed music likes and dislikes.  We talked about what was happening in our lives back when various songs were popular.  It was crazy how many tangents we got lost in.  But we were so busy learning about each other, we barely noticed how late it had gotten.   Goose was really relaxing around me, he wasn’t so controlled as when I had first arrived this evening.  Maybe it was his rush to get ready, maybe it was some latent nervousness, but I’m glad to see him smiling and even being a little bit silly. It made our dinner so much fun.

Once we were back in the car and on our way to Goose’s the big question came.  “It’s getting pretty late.  You’re welcome to stay tonight if you’d like to.”  Before I had time to think about anything, I responded “I’d like that.”  I knew full well, that it was a much different question than the one he’d asked two weeks ago when I stayed on the couch.   Then we were both quiet awhile.  Riding together there in the dark along winding country roads.  My mind began wandering.  It had been a long time  since I’d been having so much fun with a man.  Even longer since I’d been intimate with one.  As a marriage nears its end, the intimacy evaporates along with all of the other good things that the marriage had once offered.  Sitting here beside Goose in the passenger seat, I could hear his breathing.  It had gone from slow and deep to more rapid and shallow.  His mind was wandering the same sensual path as mine was.   He reached over and took my hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. I squeezed back and looked over at his silhouette in the shadows.  I couldn’t see his eyes, but I could feel his heartbeat through our hands, as it quickened with my touch.  Our hands held each other’s firmly now.  There were many connections formed between us this evening.  His vulnerable disclosure, sharing the meeting together, and the fun and laughter at dinner. Turning that final corner down Goose’s road, the sensual tension continued to build between us.  He pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine.  It was silent and still in the darkness of the front seat.  He again squeezed our already interlocked fingers as he looked at me across the seat.  He leaned toward me and in the shadows of the fall moon, he kissed me deeply.

There were no more words until the faint light of morning began peering in through the bedroom curtains.  With my eyes still closed, I felt Goose laying up close against my back.  His arms still wrapped tightly around me.  As I got closer to waking I could feel his warm body stir.  His firm, strong leg moving against mine.  It was our feet under the covers that said good morning to each other.. I rolled over toward Goose and he smiled and we kissed softly.  The day had officially begun.

Goose was the first to leave the warm covers of the bed.  I began gazing around the room, in the morning light I could see remnants of his marriage still in the room.  His side of the bed and her side of the bed.  His night stand and her night stand.  His dresser that stood tall and her long dresser with the mirror behind it.  It reminded me of my own bedroom set, still left behind at the farm.  I left all of my furnishings behind when I left.  At the time, I felt like I was escaping from my life as I’d known it.  Nothing mattered to me back then except saving myself.  I could hear Goose in the bathroom across the hall.  His movements from the other room, brought me back to this morning as I lay here still snuggled in the flannel covers.  Still warm and comforted by his touch.  He came to stand beside me and bent down and kissed me.  I told him then about the bag I had in my car, with the hair dryer.  He said he’d get it for me.  While he was retrieving my bag, I scurried to the bathroom to make sure he wasn’t getting an eyeful of scariness.  Fortunately other than tousled hair, I didn’t look half bad.  He returned with my bag and said he’d go do his animal chores and that we could make breakfast together when we were both finished.

After I was ready for the day I went into the kitchen and began looking for coffee fixings.  I opened a cupboard door.. lots of seasonings, no coffee.  I found the pantry and scanned its contents.  It’s a very full pantry for just one person living here.  But still no coffee.  Not even a coffee pot.  Goose came in as I was closing the pantry.  “Okay, I give up” I told him, “where on earth is the coffee maker?”  He responded with a grin, “You drink mud?”  “No, I much prefer coffee.. apparently you don’t.”  He said he was thinking that after breakfast that we should go shopping.  So after omelets and toast, we did.


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