Let’s Watch Football

I was still tired when I woke up on Sunday morning.  Goose and I seem determined to get as much out of our weekends as humanly possible.  Because we can only be with each other every other weekend, we cram as many fun date activities as we can into these days. together  So this morning I didn’t rush to shower.  Instead, I made coffee and fired up my laptop, checked out my emails, read my horoscope that I’m certain said something about lounging around all day in my pj’s.  I was very focused on cooperating with that cosmic directive.  Goose was on the same wave length.  He managed to have enough energy to make it to his recliner.  After a cup or two of coffee I made breakfast and then retired once again to the couch.  Goose found the Sunday paper and we went through the various sections, trading or sharing when something really got our attention.  It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take it any longer, I sprawled out on the couch and wrapped myself in an afghan.  Apparently this was the best idea I’d had all weekend, because within a few minutes Goose was maneuvering his way under that same afghan.  I’m beginning to get used to snuggling with this character.

When I woke up.. my right arm was bearing ice crystals.  Funny how one bit of exposed skin in a 70 degree room can be so cold. Neither of us wanted to move from the couch.. Goose squirmed to reach the remote control for the tv and found the football game.  I commented on how football terms are sexual in nature.. holding, making a pass and touchdown.  He grinned and shook his head.  (I admit it.. I don’t know much about football.  I was in marching band in high school, so ‘being at the games’ meant playing my flute and marching across the field.)  I think it was a third down when we both lost track of the game.  I just love football.

We both knew I’d have to be leaving for home within a couple of hours.  So we began what became a transitioning move from ‘us together’ to ‘us apart’.  We’d make dinner and do Goose’s laundry.  We’d come up with a menu and cook together and get laundry done.  I guess it was a way for each of us to get back into the reality of life by doing regular every day tasks.  It would be two weeks before we’d see each other again.  And even though we’d text off and on all day, and email and talk on the phone, it would be awhile without holding, making a pass or a touchdown.

Once we’d manage through the transition, we’d both be busily back into our separate worlds.  Me working and entertaining my son and his homework and cub scouts.  And Goose with his job that often needed him to be traveling several hundred miles a week.  I missed Goose when we were apart, but this transition time we spent gently brought us both back to our lives and responsibilities.  I didn’t feel sad when it was time to leave.  Goose would help me put my things in the car and the dogs would help too.  He’d often warm up my car for me so I could be all toasty when I began my drive home.  Then with a hug or two and a kiss or two, I ‘d be on my way.. til next time.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Watch Football

  1. What a lovely balance and that feeling that someone special is out there thinking of you even though you can’t be together every week – always with the next weekend together to look forward to….thank you for sharing x

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