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Smiling from Ear to Ear

Thank goodness for Mapquest.  I had never been to Oelwein Iowa before.  It’s a small German town in the east central part of the state.  It’s a midway point for The Editor and I to meet & greet.  He chose the restaurant, and I looked it up online.  Amazing isn’t it, how we can check things out by clicking a few keys on a computer?

The Editor’s profile says that he’s average height and build, balding and wears glasses.  He’s very funny.  We’ve had a few very witty online bantering sessions.  During one of them, he was teasing me about my height.  He’s been calling me Munchkin ever since.  He always makes me laugh.  Frankly.. I need laughing.  And a lot of it.  The Editor is a few years older than I am but he is also very physically active and plays tennis with his son every Sunday.   He is very excited that I accepted his offer for a meet & greet.   I hope I can get excited about it too.

It was a bright sunny winter morning when I began my trip to Oelwein.  I had chosen a favorite pair of jeans, a bright purple fitted V-neck sweater, black leather ankle boots and a black leather jacket that Tammy found one day when we were shopping.  She said I should get it because it’s sexy.   She was right, and it does seem to be a favorite.  I hope The Editor thinks so too.

It was about an hour into my trip when I turned out of familiar territory.  It was a relief to be heading in a new direction.  I began to breathe just a little bit deeper.  I avoided listening to the radio as I drove.  I didn’t want some sappy song to start the tears flowing again.  So I called Michele for an update and pep talk.  She’s always open to such conversations…  I just love that about her.  It seemed like only another five minutes had passed when I got to the city limits.  There was a billboard advertising the restaurant.  I knew I was in the right place.  As always, I found the first gas station and got refreshed after my two and a half  hour drive.  

I headed east on the main street as mapquest directed me.  And there it is.  I pulled into the parking lot, but there were no other cars there.   It briefly crossed my mind that The Editor could have stood me up.  It hasn’t happened yet, but there is that possibility.  He doesn’t have a cell phone so I can’t call to check on his whereabouts.   I’ll just have to wait. 

I flipped down the visor and opened the mirror.  Not sure what I was looking for, but I didn’t like what I saw.  There is a sadness in my eyes. I wish I could take an eraser and rub away the evidence.  My hope is that since  The Editor has never seen me before he won’t know I look sad.  Then my mind wandered.  I wondered if Goose could tell that I was off meeting someone new.  I felt a little guilty, as if I was betraying something.  This just isn’t the way I wanted things to work out.  It just isn’t.  I wondered then if he was on a visit of his own with the Minneapolis Girl.  My wandering mind was granted a pardon when a silver car pulled in next to mine.  The beaming face looking at me from the driver’s seat must belong to The Editor.  I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door… and we begin again.

He was smiling from ear to ear.  I think even his hair was smiling.  He grabbed me with both arms and hugged the daylights out of me. He stood there looking at me.  The first thing he said was..

 “Your lips are just as amazing in person.” 

 That’s when I caught his smile.  It’s very potent and lasted for hours. 

We walked inside and other than the cook and the waitress sitting in a booth near the kitchen,  we were the only two people there.  I guess we were the lunch rush.  The Editor asked to be seated in a quiet area so we could talk.   He was wanting to be undisturbed.  We ordered sodas and took coats off and sat in the booth.  The booth seats were well used and the springs were no longer as spunky as they once were.   I was thinking I just  might need a booster seat to reach the table.  But The Editor was sitting rather low on his side of the booth as well and he didn’t seem to notice.   The waitress was back with our drinks and wanted to take our order.  He told her that we wanted to visit for a while.  She seemed perplexed and walked directly over to the cook who was still sitting by the kitchen.  They had a very short exchange, then she sat across from the cook.  Both of them watching us intently. 

It was probably 45 minutes before the waitress came back to our table.  An older lady and an older man came to have lunch too.  But they were seated at different tables.  Obviously not on a meet & greet.  How unfortunate for them.  Then to the waitress’ delight we ordered.. from the menu.  I chose an Italian Vegetable Pasta Saute.  He chose something with a marinara sauce.  I thought it a bold move for a first meal together.  We both had the salad bar.

All through the afternoon we talked and laughed and irritated the cook and waitress.  From time to time, they would shoot evil glances in our direction.  It only fueled our laughter.  When The Editor excused himself to use the restroom, I took a deep breath, and realized that life does indeed go on.  I’m having a very nice afternoon.  When he returned he commented how he was grateful that I hadn’t ditched him.  And he pointed out that he’d left his coat folded on the seat to let me know he wasn’t ditching me.  (This guy must have had some unpleasant meet & greets in his past.)   We gathered our coats and I offered to pay for my lunch.   The Editor insisted that he’d invited me and was more than happy to take care of it.  I thanked him and waited for him in the entryway. 

As we walked the few steps to my car, he took my hand and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon.  He hugged me, smiling all the while.  Then with his arms still around me, he commented that he hoped one day that he’d be lucky enough to kiss my lips. 

I smiled and replied, “We just never know what the future brings.”


12 thoughts on “Smiling from Ear to Ear

  1. The Editor sounds a really nice, down-to-earth guy, Jeannie! Lucky you, two nice guys in a row what with Goose and now Ed. I hope he doesn’t have any baggage to upset things… I used to think all the nice guys over a certain age were either married or dead, haha. Now you’re proving me wrong.

  2. …heading in a new direction, hope it will be calm and peaceful for your heart.

    Right away I have a sense that The Editor is a more positive person than Goose; this is a good thing.

    Blessings – Maxi

  3. Thank God for The Editor!
    There should be more of him around:)
    Laughing is exactly what a broken heart needs to heal faster.
    So keep laughing!!
    I love the way you write and you are so right about the future. Nobody knows what it might bring!

  4. I should write a pamphlet of five easy steps to heal a broken hert. Laughter would be first on the list.
    Thank you for the compliment about my writing. Who knows where it will lead me. I discovered my love of writing in 4th grade, Mrs. Woodward’s class. We had to do a book report every week throughout the school year. I believe she created a writing monster!

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