Ever Onward

Life is just full of opportunities.  When I got home from the Fainting Goat, there was a message on the dating site from Archer.  The one man who lives within 45 miles of me.. Is that even possible?  I was beginning to wonder if aliens had abducted all of the single men within a 50 mile radius.  Lucky for me, they missed one. 

Archer had asked for my phone number and over the next four days we had several long and fascinating phone conversations.  He’s funny, witty and very open.  Although he says he’s shy, he certainly doesn’t come across that way at all.  He is an EMT in his community and with my nursing background we talked ‘shop’ some.  Sharing a variety of incidents and patient stories.  He shared about the first time they got a ‘woman in labor’ call.  The one female EMT on their crew was unavailable and none of the guys had ever delivered a baby.  I was quite entertained by his story. 

Archer shared about his marriage and the divorce that happened ten years ago.  He’d been single ever since but still has a good relationship with his step daughter.  To me, that was a very good sign.  So when Archer asked me to join him for dinner, I agreed.   We’d meet on Friday night and have dinner at Whiskey Creek.  A comfortable western-themed restaurant with buckets of peanuts on the tables and very nice menu.

By this point in my meet & greet experience I had developed a routine.   I came home after work, bathed, dressed.. black leather ankle boots and the black leather jacket Tammy had picked out.  I was a little more creative with jeans and tops and mixed things up for variety.  Hair and make-up done.. lip gloss, check.  And I’m off to meet Archer.   I arrived at the meeting spot and parked my car so that I could see his vehicle as he pulled in.  (For me, this is the most nervous moment.. when the guy arrives in his car.  Haven’t really made that first impression yet.. but it’s sooo close.)   Deep breath.. and open my car door….  smile… and hug.  Whew.  All better now.   He’s smiling too when the hug is released.  (It’s all good!)  Since Archer hasn’t been to my town in a while, I volunteered to drive.  He climbed in my car and off we went.   As we approached the restaurant, I could see people lined up outside the door.  He said I could give him a tour and we’d check back at the restaurant in a while.  (He thinks fast on his feet.  Making good out of the situation.)  I drove him from one end of town to the other.  He seemed quite impressed, coming from a small town.  We decided on a walk through the mall.  Now it’s not a big mall, but it felt good to walk and talk.  In the light I could see that Archer has smiling blue eyes.  With just a spark of devilment to make things interesting. 

Archer’s growling stomach was the sign that it was time to head for dinner.  The waiting line was gone and we were seated immediately in a booth, slightly separated from the crowded walkways.  Perfect.  We each ordered a beer and sitting across from each other, I began to really enjoy his company.  There is an easy comfortable feel between us.   We rambled on about his hunting with a bow and arrow.  And about the house he bought, and getting a passport in case he meets someone to travel with.  (I don’t ‘think he noticed me jumping up and down about the traveling part.)   It seems like just a minute or two before our dinner arrived.  We had a very nice evening.   I drove Archer back to his vehicle and we chatted even more as his car warmed up.  Then he thanked me for spending the evening with him.  Followed by a hug and a good night.  I was smiling all over when I called Michele.  And still smiling when I called Tammy. 

As I was getting ready for bed, my phone rang.  Archer was home and wanted to make sure I’d had as nice an evening as he had.  When I told him I really enjoyed myself.  He asked if I’d like to see a movie with him the next evening.   I said yes..  he said he’d call me in the morning to arrange the details.

I crawled into bed.  And as I lay there, I began wondering why this man had been on his own for ten years.  He seemed to be a social enough fella.  He has manners and isn’t afraid to use them.  Then sleep took over until the sun rose and my coffee pot began its morning perk right on schedule. 

As I poured my first cup I began thinking.  (I know, that always gets me in trouble.)  But I did it anyway.  I decided to invite Archer to meet me at the same spot as last night, I’d pick him up and bring him to my apartment for dinner.  We’d go to the movie and then I’d drop him back at his car.  I didn’t want the evening to end at my apartment.  Not ready for that.  

Archer waited til a respectable hour of the morning to call me.  Besides, he goes to his 80-year-old mother’s house every morning to check on her and have breakfast with her.  He called me when he got back home.  He thought dinner at my place sounded wonderful.  Since I love to cook, I thought it sounded fun too.  He agreed to meet at the same spot as last night.  There was more smiling as I said good-bye.

I vacuumed and tidied up a little bit.  Set the table next and decided to make Swedish Meatballs.  It seems everyone likes them.  I headed off to the grocery store to get ingredients for dessert.   I wandered the aisles of the store in my own little happy place.   That’s when I decided Banana Cream Supreme would be a perfect end to dinner tonight.  I gathered the bananas and the sour cream I needed.  Once back in the car my cell phone made a funny little ding.  I hadn’t heard that noise in a while.  A text message.

I felt light-headed as I picked up my phone.  The nausea hit just as I clicked the button to open the message.  

It’s from Goose.


6 thoughts on “Ever Onward

  1. Oh Jeannie, there was no way that Goose was going away quietly…and you, you brave wise woman, you were getting on with things and moving forward. Maxi said didn’t she that hopefully Goose would leave you alone, but she suspected that he wouldn’t – what a wise woman. This settling of the past for both you and Goose may have echoes that catch you for a while yet.

    The question mark is – whatever he wanted (you I’m guessing) – did you reply?

    Much love to you and big hugs xxx

  2. Uh oh, here comes more pain. Goose has proven he can’t be trusted, yet I have a feeling he will try to change your mind…

    And your heart will let him pull you back … if he says the words you want to hear.

    Take heed of the powerful adage: You can’t unring a bell

    Blessings – Maxi

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