Of Wisdom And Beauty

A couple of years ago when I was going through all of those difficult transitions, I kept wishing I had a wise woman in my life.  You know.. someone with more knowledge and life experience than you have.  Someone who would listen and nod and consider.  Someone who would say four words and everything would suddenly make sense.  As a diversion, I would go to movies to occupy my mind and give my thoughts some rest.  But it seemed that in every single movie, there was that comforting, understanding, challenging, beautiful, wise woman.   I want one.  I want one in my life story.

Sometimes life brings you exactly what you ask for.  Life brought me to just such a woman.  Her name is Dianne.  She has worked at the same agency I work at for almost as long as I’ve worked here.  I’d always known her as a part of the team.  One of the good guys fighting the hard fight for our clients.  I even admired her spunky spirit and sense of humor.  But I didn’t really know her other than seeing her and interacting at staff meetings a couple of times a month.  With some agency changes that occurred, now I see her twice a week and have come to know that she’s the wise woman I’d asked for in my life.

As we got to know each other in a different capacity we began sharing parts of our lives with each other.  She has watched my excitements and disappointments with the meet & greets.  She waits patiently for the next time I see her to find out how everything turns out.   She’s encouraged me, teased me and been a sounding board for this silly girl that I am.  Her perspectives are invaluable.  There is no judgement on any decisions I make.. whether she agrees with them or not.. I’ll never know.   She just knows it’s my journey.

But the very best part, is that I’m getting to know her.  Dianne is an inspiration.  She pretends to have this gruff exterior, but she has a heart and a spirit as big as any I’ve ever seen.  She shared with me some of her life challenges.  From them, I’ve learned perseverance and courage even during the bleakest of moments.   I’ve learned that if I pay attention to what I have around me, I can do anything.  And she has taught me that I have to live my life.  The way I’m happy.  No matter what anyone else says.  She told me that not everyone will agree with me or the choices I make.  But it’s what I know to be true that matters.

If you saw her on the street you wouldn’t recognize the gifts she carries inside of her.  I didn’t know either, but I’m so very glad that I do now.  So before I can go on to share about the next part of my journey, I had to tell you about this amazing, intelligent, and loving woman.  The wise woman in my life.  Dianne.

These portraits encompass the strength, spirit and grace of this beautiful woman who I’ve come to love.


16 thoughts on “Of Wisdom And Beauty

  1. thank you for this, it is kind of like they say we “taste” food sometimes with our eyes, even before we ever take a first bite. we so easily judge people by their outsides, and never get past that first look, and “we” are the ones who miss out on wonderful opportunities to see the beauty inside them!!!

  2. A beautifully written and heartfelt piece and in Dianne’s pictures and your words wisdom and love shine through…she has a special light around her and I can only guess at the blessings that knowing her have brought to both of you…I love this post Jeannie, thank you so much for sharing xxxx

  3. My heart is filled with joy for you, Jeannie. God is good; He has sent you an angel at a time when you most needed one in your life.

    May your friendship with Dianne continue to grow, blessing you both.

    Blessings – Maxi

  4. She even looks wise 🙂 I think everyone needs a woman like her in our lives. Luckily I got to grow up with mine. My mom is my wise woman, she always knows what to say and if she does not she listens. She can see both sides to a story and does not just side with me because she thinks I want her to. I think that is an important trait in having a wise female mentor. Great post and Great Pics!

  5. Hello! I just came across the beautiful images in this post through Google images and I wanted to ask if it would be alright if I use one of them. I am practicing Photoshop techniques and it would be posted in combination with other images.

    Please let me know if it is a problem.


    Thanks and congrats on your creation.

    • Sienna,
      Thank you for finding these portraits. They are almost as beautiful as Dianne is in real life.
      Unfortunately, I do not have ultimate rights to these photos. That belongs to the photographer.. you would have to reach him directly for his permission. I met with him to discuss my blog and he gave me permission to use them here. He is also a teacher… so I believe he’d be open to hearing from you. His name is Craig Kienast, owner of Images Photography in Clear Lake Iowa. His telephone mumber is 641-357-3965.

      Best of luck to you and thank you for stopping by.

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