Just Like Trying On A Sweater

Sometimes I go shopping just to look and see what’s new this season.  To see what colors and styles are popular.  Some people call it window shopping.  You have no intention of buying, but it’s still fun to look.  It’s something to do, fills your time being out and about with other people.  The shopping malls are full of people window shopping.  Especially during snowy or rainy weekends when people aren’t spending so much time outdoors.  It gives a chance to get out and move around a bit.  Besides, you never know what you might find.  A sale?  That perfect pair of jeans?  That perfect pair of jeans, on sale and in my size?!  Now there’s a dream come true. 

But let’s be honest, that just doesn’t happen all that often.  To find exactly what you’re looking for and on sale besides.   It’s a rarity.  But the mall is of full of people looking any way.   More honesty, a lot of times, we get that shirt or socks or pants because we think we need them.  Even if it isn’t that perfect choice.  It might feel so comfortable but the color that isn’t very flattering. 

Dating is just like trying on a sweater.  You look for a sale, dont’ find your size.  You look at the most gorgeous sweater you’ve seen all season, but ouch, the price.   You finally decide on one.  It’s not quite perfect from the get go, but you buy it and hope it will surprise you. 

That second date with The Editor was that way.. he was nice, witty and fun, but very presumptuous. So the cost too high.  The Farmer seems to be a nice guy to talk with.  I can ask things about his farming that make at least a little bit of sense.  He says he enjoys our end of the day conversations. I look forward to them too.  So it feels comfortable, I’m not thinking it’s a perfect fit though.  But there is alway potential.  We’ll have to wear it a while.

Archer is growing on me.  The rose was a very nice touch.  The first ‘date’ to give me a flower.  Lucky got us matching candles so we could burn them while we visited together on the phone.  (I have to admit, this felt just a little over the top.)   Archer calls pretty regularly now in the evenings.  He waits to call until my son is in bed.  He doesn’t want to interrupt my time with him.  That’s very thoughtful.   He’s asked for another date on the weekend.  I accepted. 

Some weeks, life is just plain hectic.  Lots of activities and events penciled in on the calendar.  Work gets busy too and by the end of the week,  I can hardly wait to just relax.  Is it too soon to just let go of the ‘good impression’ stuff.  In other words, can it get comfortable now?  Can we just take the anticipation level down a notch?  Put on that  pair of well-worn jeans and slippers and just hang out?  No pressure.  Archer is a nice guy, we have great conversations so we’re learning about each other.  I like what I’ve learned so far.  He hasn’t pushed for anything past a good night kiss.  It seems to be moving forward at a nice pace.  With Archer it feels comfortable with an edge.   I like it.


7 thoughts on “Just Like Trying On A Sweater

  1. I love your analogy of the sweaters and dating…these men were lucky to have you cross their path Jeannie and my guessing is whatever they felt about the ‘fit’ they will not have forgotten you. Love and hugs Jane xxx

  2. Weeeell, here I go again. Don’t get too comfortable in that new sweater…

    There’s an old shirt that fits just right, aaand waitin’ for the right moment…

    Blessings – Maxi

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