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All I can say is, oh what a week!  Crazy hours at work, the schedule is full after work.  Too many things crammed into five days.  And tonight a date.  From where do we pull enough energy to be all bubbly, light-hearted, and fun?  I dunno.  I just wanna kick my shoes off and order a pizza.   So when Archer called to say he was on his way, I had the best idea of the whole week.  Since we had talked frequently during the week, he knew how busy things had been.  But apparently he caught the same thing during the tail end of his week.  He appreciated my idea whole-heartedly.  My idea is simply brilliant.  Order in.   Now this might be an every day occurence for all of you.  But coming from the farm. ‘ Order in’ never happened because there is no delivery anything out in the country. 

Archer arrived just after the pizza did.  Perched on the couch with hot pizza on paper plates and a cold beer, it was perfect.  Perfection continued after dinner.  Archer cleared away the pizza box and ‘did the dishes’ so to speak.  I popped in a movie and we snuggled (which was very nice) on the couch.   I think it was the companionship and relaxation that lead us to cross over into less guarded behavior.  You know, the kind where you’re worried about your best impressions.  Rigid, formal.  It was nice to see Archer more comfortable with me. 

At the mid-point of the movie, Archer settled in and scooched a little bit closer.  His arm found its way around my shoulder and I gracefully leaned back into his warm side.  Oh, gosh.. this is sooo nice. It must have felt pretty nice to Archer too.  Neither of us moved during the rest of the movie.  But when the movie ended, Archer pulled me close and kissed me.  A real kiss, not just a cool peck on the lips in passing.  The kind of kiss where you linger together just a moment longer..  feeling his warm breath on my cheek, I looked up into his eyes.  He kissed me again and this time, I felt his body pressing into mine, holding me tighter.  There is some passion inside this man and it pleases me to get a glimpse of it.  In our closeness I think Archer heard my thought and with his arms still loosely around me, he stepped back slightly and said good night. 

As his foot steps scurried down the stairs, I could still smell him on my sweater.  I walked to the window and watched him. And as he walked down the sidewalk, I whispered, “Thank you.”


8 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. That’s lovely, Jeannie, and it’s exactly what I want. A sensitive man who knows or can pick up when to pull back and cool off. Someone who doesn’t rush in at the first opportunity… Wonderful.

  2. wow, what a gentle and kind man, seems to know how to express his feelings with out being selfish, snuggle times are the best+++

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