What The Tide Brought In

When my eyes flutter open each morning, I lay there for a few moments and consider the possibilities of the day.  There’s a line near the end of the Castaway movie where Tom Hanks says, “You never know what the tide will bring in.”  Valentine’s Day is sort of like that when you’re a single girl.  Archer had given me a rose a few dates back.  But Valentine’s Day falls during the week and we’ve never veered from a weekend get together.  So I wasn’t expecting to see him today.   He’ll probably call this evening like he often does to talk about his day and to ask about mine.  With a stretch or two I found my way out of the warm covers and into my clawfoot tub.  Let the day begin.

My youngest son will be spending the evening with me tonight… I bought him some chocolate hearts and of course a chocolate foil wrapped fish.  He’s a fishing nut for a 9-year-old.  He’s a boy’s boy.  But he has a tender heart and he’ll make the perfect Valentine’s date.  I think we’ll celebrate with dinner out.  As I sunk down into the warm sudsy water, the thoughts cleared from my mind.  It never lasts long though and I began to wonder if Archer would be having his mother as a Valentine date.  I’ll have to remember to ask him.  He goes to visit her (or check on her).  She’s elderly and is still able to live in her own home.  Lots of people stop by every day to visit over a cup of coffee.

As the bubbles slipped down the drain and I wrapped myself in a big warm towel, I felt the tide come in.  I heard it actually.  It wasn’t the rushing sound of the waves splashing against the rocks along the shoreline.  It wasn’t the soft lapping as the water edged itself along the smooth sand.  This is what it sounded like, “ding.”  That’s right..  the tide today brought with it,  a “ding.”   I rubbed at my wet skin with my fluffy towel and wrapped it around me as I scurried back into the bedroom.  I pressed a button on my phone to reveal the identity of the ‘dinger’.   My eyebrows raised high and my head gave a little nod, as I read the name across the screen of my cell phone.  I blinked my eyes things I hadn’t read it right.  It’s from Wheels.  Well, its been ages since I’ve heard from him.  His text reads, ‘Happy Heart Day.’   I wonder if he’s got me on a group text or something.   Okay, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.  It would be nice to receive a Valentine wish from some secret admirer.  I could use some mystery or intrigue.

I started my morning coffee and went to fuss with my hair.  Squirt the mousse into my hand, squish it around in my hair and blow it dry with a big round brush.  Same routine every morning.  But my hair turns out different every single day.  What’s up with that?  I got out my make up bag and began to paint the daily portrait staring at me in the mirror.  A little of this and a little of that.  A touch of lip gloss, then smooch my lips together.. and I’m good to go.  I walked into the kitchen and smelling that lovely brewed aroma, I poured my first cup of coffee.  My cell phone laying on the counter chose that very moment to sing out a ‘ding’ and scared the heck out of me.   Here my heart is racing away for no good reason at all.  I picked up my phone considering which combination of buttons and screens I’d have to search to find the volume button, and I clicked the screen.

I’ve decided that the ding was actually the early warning system and I should have paid better attention.  It wasn’t a high tide warning.. no nothing that simple.  Tsunami.. that’s how I’d describe it.  I looked at the screen.. and that’s when I noticed the wall of water bearing down on me.  It wasn’t registering.. and I just stood there.. looking at it.  It wasn’t the message itself.. that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day Jeannie”.  It’s the sender.  It’s Goose.


6 thoughts on “What The Tide Brought In

  1. Oh dear, here we go again, Jeannie… I’m not sure you should even text back ‘Thanks, and the same to you,’ or whether you should just ignore it. Well, it’s up to you, girlfriend…

  2. Oh bum…sorry but that’s how it felt…I guessed Goose wasn’t done yet…you’re right Jeanie you never know what the tide will bring in…but you know what my lovely, you have become a graceful surfer! Love you xxx

  3. You gotta know I’m not surprised, had no doubt that you would hear from Goose again … you know, that chemistry thing.

    You may be surprised that I feel you should answer. A relationship that ends on a bad note is never over. Goose may still feel he can have his cake and…

    But you need to end this relationship … or not … for you.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • Yes Maxi, as I was writing the words, I was thinking of you nodding your head and raising your eyebrow.

      Thank goodness there is no limit to the number of blogs we can write!


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