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Kind Heart

Well, well, well.  What to do?  Sometimes the kindness of my heart gets me into trouble.  People mis-take a kind gesture as a ‘sign.’  A sign that I’m offering more, giving more, or mean more than what I’ve actually said.  It greatly saddens me that our society is in such dire straits that a mere every-day kindness, would be perceived with any other intention.  Yet, time and again.. I offer kindness.  And nope, I won’t stop offering it.  Because I believe our world is in so much need of it.

Sometimes people have the perception that a kindness I’ve offered means that I want something in return.  Something that, should they accept my kindness, they’d be obligated to give to me in equal return.  Nope.  I don’t work that way.   I give without expectation.  It’s in the giving itself, that I am rewarded.  To see someone’s eyes light up because I’ve smiled or made some small effort in their favor.  To feel their spirit being lifted up because I’ve paid them a well-deserved compliment.  To watch someone feel their own value because I gave a few minutes of my time to listen and hear them.  Those are the rewards of giving a kindness.

I attended a craft fair that was being held in an open field in the middle of nowhere one spring Saturday.  I wandered through booth after booth, overwhelmed with the pure volume of craft items stuffed into every open space of each booth.  You really couldn’t ‘see’ any particular item since it was all globbed together.  But one item caught my attention.  A picture, framed in roughly hewn barn wood.  With a rather hap-hazard angel wearing an off-kilter halo.  (Exactly how put-together I feel some days.)   The word on the picture read… “Be kind today.  For everyone is fighting a hard battle.”   This scattered angel spoke to me.  Her words profound.  And it’s become sort of an inspiration for me and a part of who I am.    I can see myself standing at the podium for a 12 Step Kindness Recovery Program.  “Hi, I’m Jeannie, and I’m kind” and everyone in the audience replies, “Hi Jeannie.”  then I have to go on and share how being kind has become an addiction for me and has in turn ruined my life.

So with my kind heart, I texted Goose back.  It’s quite simple really, “Thank you.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you.”  I had nothing more to add.  I clicked send.

It’s like the potato chip add,  “You can’t eat just one.”  Well, Goose and I could never just send one text.  It always lead to a series, even volumes of texts.  So in my usual form.  I waited for a response.   It never came.  How very odd.


6 thoughts on “Kind Heart

  1. Jeannie Darling I think he was just checking that you were still there and caring…I am absolutely sure that you had your board ready to ride the next wave. It is your natural grace that enables you to keep moving forward with such kindness….love you xxxx

  2. I lead, you follow, that’s Goose. He didn’t text back because you didn’t say what he wanted to hear. This man has a big ego…

    Blessings – Maxi

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