Liebster Blog Award

Thank you Steph @  for nominating me for this award.  Steph, your ongoing support and encouragement mean so much to me. 

The Liebster Award is given to fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers all in the spirit of gathering more connections.  “Liebster” is German and means “dearest” or “beloved” but can also mean ‘favorite’. 

The requirements of this award are relatively simple. 

1.  Thank the blogger who gave you the award.

2.  Pass on the award to other bloggers and notify them.

3.  Post the Award onto your blog.


I’d like to pass this award on to the following magnificant Bloggers:


Happy Blogging!



3 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Jeannie I am so sorry I missed this post! Many congratulations to you and I love your blog. And a huge thank you for passing this award onto me and my warblings…you are lovely…keep writing, love you xxxx

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