My Warm Little Heart

Archer is right on time.  He’s always on time.  He also brought flowers.  Potted in the cutest lime green bucket.  Very springy and thoughtful.  He place them on the tiny little table in my apartment and hugged me.  But no kiss.  He took my arm and we scurried off to dinner.  Back to Whiskey Creek.  We were seated in the very same booth as on our first date together.   Smiling, we both sat down and ordered a beer, looked over the menus and ecided what to have.  We filled each other in on the day’s events.  And then the little loaf of bread came.   There was laughter and smiling eyes glistening back and forth across the table.  When the food arrived, we shared forkfuls of this and that.  All through dinner that warmth glowing in my heart began to get comfortable in there.  It was when Archer went to the men’s room after dinner, that I told myself that this was feeling pretty nice.  I’m having fun.  I’m feeling comfortable with Archer, like we’ve found our niche with each other.  These past few weeks have been quite a contrast from what Goose and I shared.

The laughter continued on the ride back to my apartment where we settled in on the couch.  I asked Archer if he’d like to watch a program or a movie on tv.  He said no, he just wanted to sit for a bit.  He snuggled into my shoulder.  I like the warmth of his body up against mine.  I put my arm around him and began to run my fingers through his golden hair.  He sat there so quietly as I kissed the top of his head and let my fingers get lost in the wisps of his hair.  We sat quietly enjoying the moment.  After a bit, Archer sat up and looked at me, still holding my hand.

“You’re the perfect woman.”  He said. 

Looking into his eyes, I replied, “Thank you.”

“We had a lot of fun tonight, we always do.”

“Yes we do.”  I agreed.

(This is where I didn’t notice that cupid had taken a coffee break.)

“I think you care for me.”  It was half question, half statement

“I do care for you.” I clarified.

Matter-of-factly he said, “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

I must have had a stunned look on my face, because quite frankly, I was stunned.

Archer said, “I know you’re gonna cry.”

I surprised him though, “No, I think I”m okay.  You have to do what’s right for you.”

“You’ll cry when I leave then.” He tried to verify.

“After you leave, it doesn’t matter what I do.”

Apparently it was Archer who was stunned now.  He got up and walked to the closet for his coat.

“I have a question”  I stated.  “If you were going to break up with me, why did you take me to dinner?  You didn’t have to do that.”

He responded with, “Yes I did.”

I let it go.  And I let Archer go without any argument.

He fastened his coat…  and left.  I didn’t cry.  But I did call Tammy.


9 thoughts on “My Warm Little Heart

  1. wow, i did not see that coming,,, how do men go from dinner and nice chatter to , “sorry, we are done” ??? men are odd creatures sometimes to figure out~~~

  2. We never do see it coming, but some men are so closed off emotionally (and damaged beyond repair) that they go through the motions and then there’s a line that appears and they won’t cross it…they appear perfectly normal on the outside though, so you weren’t to know. I’ll put money on him continuing to date other women though. We need a flag system on these dating sites so we can warn other women! Love to you Jeannie and your poor little heart….xxxx

    • Jane, I think you might just be right about Archer. He’d been divorced for ten years and hadn’t been emotionally close to a woman since then. He said I was so easy to talk with and that he was getting ‘attached’ to me just the week before this happened. I think his emotions may have scared him.

  3. Oh geez, Jeannie, I am so sorry. Your poor heart is taking a beating. Life can be so brutal at times.

    There is one thing you can be proud of, you always stay true to yourself. This will carry you until…

    Maybe this is the time to step back, take a break … get busy on that book.

    Love and Hugs, my friend – Maxi

    • I had life lessons to learn. And what I learned from Archer is that not everyone is comfortable with feelings, and that he was finding his way too. We just didn’t find it on the same path.

      My heart was only beginning to warm for Archer, so I was more surprised than actually hurt.

  4. Well I think he’s a commitment-phobe! Pity, but there it is. He obviously likes to end things himself so that he doesn’t suffer. But likes to think you will! And he seemed to be so nice…

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