Test Subject 142

I finally got another email from Teddy Bear.  After a few brief conversations we agreed to meet later in the week.  The morning of the meeting, I did my usual Meet & Greet routine.  I filled up the car and began my two and a half hour drive to meet him half way in between.  Usually when there’s a bit of travel to be done, you have some contact along the way to make sure they’re gonna show up on the other end.  I heard nothing from Teddy Bear so I sent a text.  In response, he called.  Whew!

His voice is as amazing as his picture.  I had Tammy over one afternoon for lunch and I showed her his picture.  She gasped when she saw him. “OMG, he looks like a movie star!”  He had two pictures on his profile.. we both agreed we liked the tousled look best.  It won’t be long and that tousled-looking movie star will be hugging me.  Mmm-hmm.   The remainder of my trip was spent daydreaming about movie stars.

I pulled into the restaurant parking lot.  Flipped down the mirror to check my make up.  That’s when his little red Mini Cooper pulled in next to me.  I was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t make it stop.  He got out of his car and I just sat there staring at him.  (Geez he’s not even famous… and I’m star struck.)  He is soooo hot!  Deep breath.. Open car door.  Get out of car.  Smile!

It’s this very first impression that matters the most.  You can make or break a whole connection right here.  (Don’t trip and fall down or drool or.. there are so many ways I can mess this up.)  He’s coming around the back of my car..  He sees me.  AHHHH!   He’s smiling too!!!!  Yay!  I reached my arms out to hug him.. I aimed my smiling little face into the warm tender crook of his neck, oh god, he smells wonderful.   He is a teddy bear.. a tall, sexy, teddy bear.  And he’s hugging me. La La La La Laaaaaa!

I seriously did crawl out of my day-dream.  Cause he’s really nervous.   As I let him go (against my better judgement) and we turned toward the restaurant he was uncertain.  I could see it in his face.

“I’m just a little nervous” said his sexy voice.

I  gave him a reassuring smile and reached out my hand.   He took it and together we walked inside.  We were seated at a booth.  I love booths because all of your body flaws are camouflaged by the table.  (wink, wink).  I felt more confident once we were seated.   I was perfectly content at this moment.  We could have sat here for all of eternity.  I was looking at the most gorgeous, sexy man sitting there looking back at me.  And he was nervous.  (It worked for me!)  The waitress came and we ordered coffee and english muffins.  He said he was much too nervous to eat much.  I knew we needed some light-hearted banter to break the nervous tension he was feeling.  So I just started blabbing on and on about all sorts of things.  Once I made him laugh, I knew he’d be alright.  He started to breath in full breaths once again.  I was relieved.  I’ve never had to call a rescue unit to  a Meet & Greet.  (Almost needed a cot for Nod, the narcolepsy guy though.  They probably keep them next to the high chairs and booster seats.)

I started telling Teddy Bear about Tammy and Michele.  I told him that Tammy thinks he looks like a Movie Star.  He smiled and blushed. WIth my eyes looking upward through my lashes, and my chin slightly lowered, I smiled and added,

“You’re a very attractive man Teddy.”

That’s when I told him about the research project.  That one day I planned to write about these dating experiences.  He looked around and asked,

“Are we being taped?  Do you have a video camera hidden somewhere?)

I smiled and fingered my necklace.

“Hidden camera, didn’t want to make you nervous.”

As Teddy laughed, his stunning blue eyes lit up.   His nervousness was gone and his warm and funny personality took over.

“Am I Test Subject 142?”  he asked.

Now I smiled.  “Not 142.  Not even 100.”

He was smiling a flirty smile now as the waitress came back to refill our coffee.  (God this man is soo sexy.)

“Do you interview me now or what?” he asked.

I looked down and pretended to rifle through my purse for a stennopad and pen.

“Darn, I guess not.. I forgot my notepad.”  I said with an equally flirty smile.

He smiled and lifted his cup up to his full pink lips.  That’s when I excused myself to use the ladies room.  I needed to take a huge deep breath and catch my balance.   It must be menopause, cause it’s feelin real warm in here.  I could feel my face flush.  I called Tammy from the ladies room.

The moment she answered the phone I rambled.. “Oh my god… he is the hottest guy!  He smells great, looks great, is flirty and funny and SEXXXXXY!  And I’m gonna keep him.”

I’m not sure what had happened to Tammy.. she must have been talking to Michele, because she had this odd sense of reason all of the sudden.

“You can’t keep him. he’s not a stray puppy” she reprimanded me.

I agreed on principle.. but he IS a teddy bear.  And I wanna squeeze the stuffing right outta him.


8 thoughts on “Test Subject 142

  1. I hope you left your heart safely locked up at home because as far as diversions go this one is RED hot … your words are almost smoking off the page…chuckling at your audaciousness..sail your ship lovely Jeannie, in your own sweet way, no-one but no-one has the right to trim your sails xxxx

  2. My heart races as I read your smoke, Jeannie. Can’t hold back the laughter at the Nod revelation, cots next to high chairs and booster seats … will give me chuckles throughout the day.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • Maxi,
      Maybe I should make a recommendation to restaurants to be prepared for those with Narcolepsy.
      Glad I got your heart racing. Mine sure beats faster when I think of this fella.

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