A Change of Plan

It was the plan to write about what came next in my life after things ended with Goose.  I had it laid out in my head.  I wanted to tell you that this is when I met ‘the one’.  I wanted to share the magic of that story.  I wanted to.  But something happened.  And now I’m confused and uncertain.  I don’t know which way to go from here.

Living in the northern parts of the country, people often travel in less than wonderful winter weather.  We have winter weather advisories, winter storm watches, blizzard warnings.  We travel prepared for those.  With an emergency kit in the car in case we’d become stranded.  ‘They’ say to stay with your car.  No matter what.

Well I kind of feel like I’m stranded in a blizzard.  My emotional landscape doesn’t look familiar.  I opened up the emergency kit I have here with me.  I lit the candle to keep me warm.  I even ate chocolate yesterday, which I NEVER do because I get migraines from it.  (Oddly, I didn’t have a reaction.  And it tasted soo great.)  I have a map and a compass but everything is white and cold and I can’t seem to see where to go.  So I’ve decided that I’m going to follow the rules for emergencies.  I’m going to stay with my car until the blizzard clears.  I have a shovel, (and more chocolate which I promise not to eat.  I do have peanut butter though.  Now if I only had a toaster..)  and when the emotional snow storm stops, I’ll shovel my way outta here.  After all I’m a blogger.. I can survive anything because I have to write about it.  I have to do something while I’m waiting though, so I’m gonna make snow angels.


8 thoughts on “A Change of Plan

  1. There is nothing more important than being true to yourself. Privacy is a necessity in life, and it’s apparent that you’re not comfortable with sharing this story.

    Listen to your gut, Jeannie, there are many other interests to write about.

    Blessings – Maxi

  2. My love is with you. Silence and peace is a good thing now and then. You are listening to your needs right now and that is the key…you are a good nurturer….biggest hugs xxxxxx

  3. Jane,
    You are such an inspiration and encouragement. It seems the snow has stopped falling and the thaw is taking place today. I have my trusty shovel and I ate my Wheaties so I’m off to begin digging out.
    Hugs back to you!

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