Of Wisdom and Beauty – The Gallery

Several weeks ago I did a blog about my wonderful friend Dianne Bailey.  I shared how she has touched my life and I shared some portraits that were taken of her.  The photographer, Craig Kienast of Images Photography in Clear Lake, Iowa decided to do a Character Study.  He had watched Dianne at various times around town and he saw her one day in her car parked near the lake.  He went up and tapped on her window.

She cracked it slightly and said “What?”

Dianne is indeed a character!  He chose the perfect woman to use for his photo study.  Last week there was a Photographer’s Reception, so Dianne and I attended.  The photographer came and talked with Dianne and I and during his presentation to the audience that had gathered, he introduced Dianne and shared how he chose her.

She’s Simply Stunning!


6 thoughts on “Of Wisdom and Beauty – The Gallery

  1. This is so beautiful!!!! I live very close to Clear Lake in Mason City and noticed the name right away when I got your post today. I love the picture and am so intrigued now about Dianne and her “story”. And you!!! Thank you for opening my eyes today to this fabulous picture and photographer.

  2. I believe the portraits will still be on display at NIACC Auditorium yet this week. There are 3 portraits of Dianne on display. The photographer gave me permission to post her other portraits here on my blog.. called Of Wisdom and Beauty. I posted it on Jauary 27th, 2012.
    I might just have to collect her story.. and write about her here.

  3. The first time you posted Dianne’s photo a myriad of words filled me … wisdom, strength, understanding, kindness but most of all a “realness” that few ever come to in life.

    I’m happy for you, Jeannie, that you have this wonderful friend in your life; you share the same qualities. Blessings to you both – Maxi

  4. I’ll share a little story about Dianne. We are coworkers, and one day at a staff meeting. Dianne and I were talking and I told her how one day I hope to be just like her. And she laughed.. then she said, I’ve been thinking how one day I’d like to be like you. It’s funny because we have very different interests.. she loves acid rock, I prefer Adele. She loves action thrillers and I like dramas or comedies. She loves meat and I love vegetables. We both love motorcycles, however, I prefer to ride on back and she prefers to drive! But you’re right Maxi, we both have caring hearts and youthful spirits.

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