Change… I Didn’t See That One Coming.

Sometimes the winds of change blow through out lives softly.  Other times they blow through with a force that can knock you to your knees.  I found a very profound reading this morning and feel compelled to share it with all of you.

“One lesson we must learn in our lives is that things can always change.  Sure, we will always remember how things used to be, and we will sometimes lose sight of our future because we want to turn around and re-live moments from our past, but there must come a time in which we accept that things have changed.  One thing that we must all note in life is that we cannot undo the parts of our lives that have changed, and that may cause us to regret now.

We can’t always go back and undo the pain that we have caused others and ourselves, we cannot always mend the hearts that we break back together.  What we can do though, is make an effort to live the best life that we possibly can, and vow to always be better, and to do better than we ever did in the past.  Your past is your past, and no matter what you do you cannot change it, but you can create a better future as long as you give effort within every waking moment of your life.”

I had reached a happy place in a relationship.  I felt content, safe, and comfortable.  Then when I least expected it the leaves in my trees began to flutter.  I didn’t even notice it at first.  Soon though the branches began to sway and it got my attention.  So I stood by the window and watched as the wind came across the field.  It came with such sudden force that the trees bent over in response to the wind’s power.  Change had forced itself relentlessly into my relationship.

Now the wind has passed.  And I’m becoming accustomed to this new landscape where once there had been certainty and safety.  I can look back and remember those special moments that when added together, had created a relationship of substance.  One worthy enough to hold onto.  To endure for.  And then the wind came.  Try as I might, I could not hold it back.  I could only take cover as it blew change into my life.  Regrets.. yes I have a few.  Can’t hold onto those either though.  As much as I want to turn around and look back to re-live those special moments, I know I have to keep facing forward to what ever comes next.


6 thoughts on “Change… I Didn’t See That One Coming.

  1. Very wise words dear Jeannie. I know that whatever comes your way you will handle with the deep well of love and compassion that you are known for. As you set forth on this new chapter of your journey may the wind be soft at your back and the sun shine gently on your face and we’ll be with you every step of the way – love you xxxx

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