Preparations Are Underway

I’m working to get things in order for the big changes approaching in my life.  I’ve given my notice at work.  I have four weeks until my last day.  (What does Peter Pan know anyway?)  Then I’ll focus on the last stages of my moving out of the lake home.  I’ve already been packing and sorting things to take to Tammy’s.  She’s having a garage sale and I’ve been contributing.  Hunter’s been helping me put price stickers on everything.  Her sale is the weekend of April 27 & 28.  I’m on duty Saturday afternoon.

Work seems to have picked up a bit as I’m entering into my last weeks.  I’ll be participating in a couple of Sexual Assault Awareness programs called “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes”.  There will be two of these programs next Tuesday.. One in Mason City and the other in Clear Lake.

Later in the week I’ll be doing a Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Program at the Senior Girls’ Tea that’s sponsored by the Literary Guild.  The graduating senior girls are honored along with their mothers, at a luncheon and I’ll be presenting safety awareness for these young women going away to college for the first time.

And then to round out the end of next week, I’ll be at a Health Fair with a booth-type display for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services available in our eight county service area.

I have Cool Coworkers!

In mid-May after my last day of work, my coworkers are hosting a going away party.  I’ve offered up my home on the lake for the gathering.  Since it will be on a Saturday, I’ve encouraged them to bring partners, spouses or dates.  We have quite a crew of fantastic cooks.  So I can hardly wait!

Then once all of the details are complete.  The packing and final cleaning finished.  I’ll be beginning the next adventure in my life.  A 5400 mile road trip that will include the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.  I have my registration in and the reservations made.   Their website for the conference is astounding and I’m so excited to be able to participate.  I expect to learn a great deal.  I just know my poor little brain will be saturated with information.  But the trip won’t be all work.  I’ll be meeting with some friends here and there.  Visiting some favorite places and seeking some new ones too.

One of my blogging friends has suggested that I blog about the trip.  And of course she’s absolutely right.  One of the workshops at the conference is about writing Travelogues.  So I can quickly use what I’ll learn.   I can blog and share pictures and all of the shenanigans I manage to get myself into ‘out there’ on the road.

My biggest concern of late is .. what exactly does a girl pack for a month on the road?  (I know what I pack for a weekend.. so I might need to rent a trailer.)   Suggestions are welcome!


6 thoughts on “Preparations Are Underway

  1. Pack only what you love wearing, sparkly pants (knickers in the UK!!), lip salve, moisturiser, blusher (maybe!!), hairbrush, little bath treats (vital), a journal you can write in, fab pjs, your laptop, a rainmac, sun cream, walking boots, sandals, a fluffy towel, good reads, snacks, popcorn (a must). Travel light my lovely friend …. this is your adventure xxxx Whey hey xxxx

      • Now why am I not surprised…I can see a Skype packing session coming on…little hint…’What about this Jane?’ holding up something to the laptop…’Now Jeannie do you love it, I mean really love it?’….we will laugh and the pile not going into the suitcase will grow…marvelous….love you Jeannie xxxxxxxxxxxx

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