Don’t tell Anyone, But…

I generally never feel my age.  Not my age in actual years that is.  Ever since I left my marriage I’ve felt so much younger, vital and alive.  Until these past few days.  I think I’m getting worn out.  I have a doctor’s appointment this morning.  It seems a ganglion cyst has appeared on my foot and is making my shoes unhappy.  I hate unhappy shoes!  Tomorrow I’ve scheduled a dental appointment.  I’m hoping a buff and polish will do the trick.

I simply have too many plates spinning on those posts and they’re all wobbling!  Hunter was recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder the Inattentive variety.  So we’ve begun treatment to help him manage better in school.  He seems to be getting along alright so far.

Then I have this gorgeous granddaughter who inherited my extreme grace and elegance.  She was roller skating a couple of Saturday’s ago and was waylaid by a more experienced teenager.  She was utterly run over and splattered on the floor.  She lost her final front baby tooth and lots of skin under her nose.  She’ll of course be just fine, but it adds to my list of stuff to worry about.

Then over the weekend, I realized that when I return from my road trip.. I’ll be jobless and homeless.  Financially, I’m doing just fine and I’ll be in good shape til I find my next path.  It seems to be the homeless part that has me in a snit.  I looked at a few apartments over the weekend.  But none of them ‘called’ to me.  It would be just fine to wait until I return to see where I want to go next.  But it’s really got me troubled that when I come home.. I won’t have a driveway to pull into.  When I come ‘home’ where exactly will I stop the car?

Any of you adventurer’s out there, please speak up with your words of experience and wisdom.

So, back to my first sentence.. I generally never feel my actual age.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of beginning to feel it.  And I don’t especially like it.  I hope that as things resolve over the coming weeks, that I’ll go right back to feeling like my usual youthful self.


6 thoughts on “Don’t tell Anyone, But…

  1. Being a rooted homebody i can relate to the “no driveway” thought inducing panic. (hugs)
    My best friend is a roamer, rootless type, it always amazes me, but she says that your home is your skin, so there is no need for a driveway, because no matter where you are, you will always be at home.

    I am excited for you, and know that your grace will see you land gently on your feet.

    • Nicole,
      This process, even just the preparations for the trip, are teaching me things about myself. I didn’t realize that not having a home base, would freak me out. BUt I have to admit.. I’m a little uncertain.

      I like your rootless friend’s thoughts, but I’m not sure I can do the my home is my skin thing.

      Lol! Funny that you should mention my ‘grace’. I have none. Seriously, I fall UP steps. But I like the landing gently part.

  2. You will know when you find your ‘home’, Jeannie. I have always felt much, much younger than my years. Even now waiting for my leg to heal I am young in my head, lol!

  3. Here is what you do, before you leave find an Residence Inn, Extended Stay America, Candlewood Suites (they all have kitchens), pick one of those places that you know you will stay at when you get “home” You will immediatly know where to go and you will have a driveway waiting for you. Candlewood has cookies out for their residents … so that may feel a bit more homie 🙂 Call ahead and work out a rate, do not take the rate that they give you over the phone, they will go down by 20% if not more. It will give you time to look for the perfect house but still have everything you need to get ya through until you find the one 🙂

  4. I’m with Beautiful Life, great advice. It’s not your age that’s weighin’ you down, Jeannie, it’s stress.

    You know how life is: when it starts to pile stuff on it keeps goin’ til you feel like you’re gonna pop—and then, the air gently begins to ooze out—and you’re fine.

    My advice? Get your ducks in a row, then take it one day at a time. Enjoy!

    Blessings – Maxi

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