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Lunch With Tammy

So I went to the doctor yesterday.  My old doctor retired last week.  So I’m breaking in a new one.  She said she wasn’t convinced that it’s a ganglion cyst on my ankle.  X-rays were in order.  The x-ray tech, Kelly is a girl I know.  I used to be the film librarian at the hospital.    I know, me a librarian.. it makes me laugh too.  But it was fun to see Kelly and catch up while she had me pose and twist for the x-ray machine.   Of course she gave no indication what the heck is wrong with my ankle.  I just have to wait for the radiology report like any other impatient patient.  Still no word yet today.  But I did get in to the dentist for a cleaning.  My teeth are all smooth, polished and minty fresh.  Well they were til I ate broccoli for lunch.

I worked the late shift at the shelter yesterday.  My boss called me in for a chat when I got there.  She said that every time she sees my car in the parking area, that she imagines all of the places I’ll go and the adventures I’ll have on my trip.  She is very excited.   I’m excited too.  Yesterday began the count down at work.  One month til my last day.  Around 11:00 last night was really wishing it was a little closer than a month away.  But every thing in its time they say.

The best part of yesterday was that I had lunch with my girlfriend Tammy.  We live only 8 miles from each other, yet life gets busy and we don’t see each other as often as we should.  We went to Godfather’s Pizza.  When our kids were little, going out for lunch together was only a dream.  Between the two of us we were knee-deep in toddlers and both expecting another.  Our conversations consisted of sharing heartburn remedies and how many times the babies had kicked.  But once the kids entered school.. well we were golden.  We’d hold our breath all summer long, waiting for the first day of school.  On that day, we had a standing lunch date.  We’d meet at Godfather’s Pizza for lunch.  We’d each order a mini pizza and salad and a large soda.  We’d actually have the freedom to linger over our meal and share real grown up conversation.  It was glorious!  So our lunch today was reminiscent of those days.  Now we’re both grandma’s, but we still like our lunch dates.

After lunch we went for new spring haircuts.  I can already see Tammy shaking her head as she reads this.  You see, we didn’t have appointments at a salon.  Tammy had a coupon for a chain.  We walked in and signed up for haircuts.  There was a 25 minute wait.  We didn’t mind.. girlfriends can always find something to talk about for 25 minutes.  We sat along the waiting wall in black plastic covered chairs.  I hadn’t been here before so I glanced around the place.  Shelves of the usual hair care products loomed large in front of the cash register.  They did have a coffee corner though and since I had to work til midnight, I pressed the go button and had a styrocup of coffee.  It was black and hot.. but it had been there awhile.  I checked for hairs on my chest later, fortunately the coffee wasn’t quite that old.  It hadn’t been the full 25 minutes when a young long-haired girl called my name.  I obligingly followed her to the styling chair.  She tossed the usual cape across my front and snapped it around my neck.  She brushed my hair and asked what I wanted done.  I courageously said “A trim.”

I followed her to the row of black wash sinks jutting out from the wall.  I sat back as she lowered the back of my chair while my head settled into the neck rest.  Ahhhh, heaven.  I love to have a little pampering every now and then.  I closed my eyes and listened to Jason Mraz playing on the radio.  His song “I Won’t Give Up” began and the lyrics, “I see that you’ve come so far to be right where you are.”  ” And when you’re needing your space to do some navigating, I’ll be here patiently waiting to see what you find.”   I think it’s my new favorite song.   I breathed in a slow deep breath as I listened to the words.  The warm fragrant water sliding down my head and the stylists fingers gently massaging my scalp.  Oh, I could have laid here all afternoon.  But sadly she had other plans.  She turned off the water and grabbed a fluffy white towel and wrapped it around my head.  Then she did the unthinkable.  She made me get up and walk across the room to the styling chair.

I sat quietly as she combed and snipped.  I looked up into the mirror and saw Tammy still waiting on her black plastic chair.  Before long my stylist had clipped enough and got a dallop of hair gel.  Rubbing it between both of her hands, she smoothed and fluffed it through my damp locks.  I knew that another good part was about to begin as she reached for the blow dryer.  I smiled a pleasurable little smile to myself.  The blower began to blow its warm air toward my head, with the stylist taking full advantage with a big round brush and her skilled wrists.  Before long, I had a fresh new smiling head of hair.  Tammy, was still waiting.  She wasn’t smiling.

She commented how wavy my hair looked as I grabbed a magazine.  Did you know that Prince William and Princess Kate are celebrating their first anniversary?  Finally, from the back of the salon a stylist comes forth to claim Tammy.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat all relaxed and reading.  When Tammy emerged, I could tell from the look on her face that she was not relaxed in the least.  She began softly venting her displeased comments as we paid for our haircuts.  Once outside the door, Tammy asked,

“If you said to a stylist, I don’t want my ears showing, wouldn’t you think that would mean.. don’t cut the hair short by my ears?”

Maybe it’s because we’ve been friends for so long that I completely understand Tammy when she speaks.  So I knew just what she meant by that.  Needless to say, Tammy was not pleased with her new spring hair style.  Two girls, same day, same salon, different experiences.  You just never know how its gonna turn out.


6 thoughts on “Lunch With Tammy

  1. I have just Spotified Jason Mraz…marvelous song…thank you Jeannie xxx Hair does grow and in taking chances now and then we get a different view and that’s no bad thing…Tammy will get used to you xxx

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