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Whew! It’s The Weekend

Each week come Friday I’m exhausted.  My work hours change mid-week, from the day shift to working 4:00 pm til midnight.   My sleep time decreases for those two days and by Friday I feel like a zombie.  I catch myself staring off into space, unable to focus or move forward even in small little baby steps.  But time stands still for no one and I did get a few things accomplished in spite of my zombie expression.

I took my son to see The Three Stooges movie.  He hadn’t heard of them before the previews we’d been seeing.  But he had a fantastic time!  So did all of the adults in the theater with us.  Laughter at the slap stick antics portrayed on the screen.  No vulgarity, no swearing, no big sexual displays.  Just lots of silliness and laughter.   It took me back to my own childhood on Saturday afternoon watching The Three Stooges.  But what was different about this movie happened at the very end.  The producers actually came on-screen with a table full of the props used in the movie.  They demonstrated that all of the hammers and mallets, etc used in the movie were indeed made of rubber or foam.  They felt the need to tell children not to poke each other in the eyes, and not to hit their friends with real hammers or mallets.  As a kid it never occurred to me to hit or hurt my friends.  Or anyone else for that matter.  It saddened me that they had to post a disclaimer at the end of a silly movie.

On a different note, I finally heard from my doctor yesterday morning.  The x-rays of my foot only showed my smiling toes.. nothing wrong.  So she’s referring me to a Podiatrist rather than an Orthopedic Surgeon.  Yay for me!  Looks like I’ll be getting a pedicure this weekend.

I did something yesterday.  (Insert my grinning face here)   I stumbled upon a very cool thing on my main Yahoo page.  The “Iowa Home Essay Contest”  This couple in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had to relocate due to the economy and have been unable to sell their home, so they have decided to give it away.  They have some requirements for the contest of course.  They ask for a 500 word typed essay responding to two questions that they have posted on their site.  They also require a $100 registration fee.  It’s their hope to receive 1000 entries and from there they will choose one essay winner that will in turn receive a house.

Of course I wrote an essay!  I followed all of the rules, spell checked twice, even remembered to include my name and contact information.  (All on only 4 hours of sleep)  I promptly went to the post office and sent off my entry.  The drawing will be held on June 15th.. the last day of the Writers Conference… I’m sure it’s a sign!  Besides, I love Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It’s a bigger city with lots of culture and night life.  It’s also very close to Iowa City with the University Of Iowa, so educational opportunities abound.   And to top it off, I know a few people there.

The best part of it is that I talked to my coworker and dear friend, Dianne about it.  (To my boss Mary:  you shouldn’t read this part)  I almost have her convinced that if I win the house, she should come and live there with me.  (To my boss Mary:  You can read now.)  That leaves one more opening for a roommate.. I’m trying to re-create The Golden Girls!  I won’t be requiring an essay.  But Dianne and I will be duking it out for the role of Blanche Devereaux.  Fingers and toes crossed… it’ll make the pedicure quite a challenge, don’t you think?

Seriously though, if you know of anyone needing a home that can string a few words together and follow a couple of directions.. it’s a great opportunity for a chance to be the proud owner of a 3 bedroom home in the historic part of Cedar Rapid, Iowa.  The story has been picked up by CNN, ABC News, Yahoo News, KCRG, Eastern Iowa Life, The Gazette and Fox News.  Go check out the site at

Hugs Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Whew! It’s The Weekend

  1. There is only one response to this post, Jeannie. Good luck!

    I lied, two responses … glad you’re okay.

    Rest up and Blessings – Maxi

  2. Thank you Maxi.. on both counts. Just puttering around home this morning. And off to do errands this afternoon. Hunter needs a hair cut or a weed whacker… 🙂


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