Sunday Road Trip

With a full day ahead of me and lots of possibilities rolling around in my head, Hunter and I took off to explore.  We had a destination in mind.  Well, I did anyway.  I was curious about the Iowa Home Essay house.  So we drove to it.  The day was sunny and mild with just a slight breeze.  A perfect driving day.  After breakfast Hunter and I gassed up the car and headed southeast for 149 miles according to mapquest.  Somewhere between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, it became rather urgent that we locate a rest stop.  (There’s never one when you need it.)

As we approached Cedar Rapids, I glanced over my maquest and within just a few minutes we were parked in front of the house!  The neighbor across the street took notice of our presence and he remained outside on his porch even as we drove away.  But we meandered for a bit, just to keep him on his toes.  Hunter beat me across the street and stood along the white picket fence.  I was looking over the structure, roof, etc.. and he was busy inspecting the back yard.  There is a swing set.  We stood in front of the house for a good long while discussing the grass that needs to be mowed and the bushes that need some trimming.  And then there’s the front porch.  I love porches.  I could imagine myself sitting there in the evening on white porch swing with Dianne as we talk over the day’s events.  And we’d discuss the neighbor guy who will still be standing in his front yard keeping an eye on things.  Can’t you just taste the lemonade?

Hunter grew impatient with my daydreaming and walked down the sidewalk.  The house sits at the edge of the alley that runs midway through the block.  There is a garage that seemed sort of narrow, but Hunter assures me my car will fit just fine.  He is after all 9-years-old.  He would definitely know about these things.

This is certainly a house that I could see myself living in.  It was built in 1912 and it has character and a porch.  The yard is small, but perfect for me since I don’t want to spend a whole day every weekend maintaining a big yard.  I can see my patio furniture  assembled as I host a little garden party for my girlfriends.  Or  Sunday game of croquet.   Well, it will be six weeks yet before the drawing is held, so I’ll have to contain my little daydreams for a while.  But it was a nice afternoon diversion and well worth the drive.  That’s when Hunter chimed in,

“Mom, doesn’t Cedar Rapids have a Chuck E. Cheese?”

In fact they do, so we found Collins Road, and Olive Garden and Red Lobster (for another time) and spent a few hours playing arcade games.  After winning 258 tickets and trading them in for a hand buzzer, we ventured back 149 miles to the northwest.   A very nice day with fingers still crossed and lots of time for daydreams.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Road Trip

    • Maxi,
      I’m open to what ever opportunities life brings my way. I do enjoy Cedar Rapids and I love the character found in older homes. It might be the perfect place for writing. My plan is to work less (I’ve geven notice at my job) and write more. Winning a house might be just what’s needed. We’ll see.

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