Goose of Christmas Past

Yesterday I was on television talking about a Sexual Assault Awareness program I was involved in at work.  I appeared (to my horror) on the 10:00 news.  I hate seeing myself on television, I’m my worst critic.  But alas, it was there.  Immediately after the segment was aired, Tammy called me to discuss said appearance.  I wasn’t the only one horrified.  She said and I quote,

“If you hadn’t given your name, I wouldn’t have known it was you!”

I love Tammy!  Thank God she’s on my team!!  We thoroughly bashed the television camera.  But only because Tammy saw the segment that I did last October and she thought I looked like myself on that one.  So after several minutes she exclaimed that ‘her show’ was coming on and she had to go.  (I think it was really her husband giving her ‘that’ look, but who am I to question?)  So we said our good nights.

That’s when the tide turned and as the gentle night waves came in a text came with it.  Yup, you guess it.  Goose saw me on the news too!

Hi! I saw you on tv.  You did a very good job.  How are you??  You looked good.”

I texted back.  Of course.  (He did give me a compliment.)

“Hi Goose!  Gosh, how are you?”

From there a two-hour text-a-thon ensued.  His son is getting married in the fall and Goose is buying the flowers.  I asked about the rehearsal dinner, but he hadn’t been asked about that.  I just smiled.  You know that’s coming.   I asked what colors the bride had chosen for the wedding, he didn’t know that either.   Can you tell that this is his first child getting married?

It was just after midnight when my eyes could no longer focus on my cellphone screen.  I thanked him for the chat and we said good night.

I snuggled down in bed, pulling the covers up over my shoulder.  I smiled to myself as I thought about Goose and his son’s wedding in the fall and all of the flowers he’s paying for in a mystery color.


4 thoughts on “Goose of Christmas Past

  1. I am sure you looked lovely on tv…well done you. I honestly feel that when we push open the bars of our cages life will show us some of the old so that we realise just how much we need to break free xxxxx

    • Jane,
      Thank you for checking out the TV segment. Very sweet of you.
      And yes, a glance behind us is a good reminder just why we’re moving forward.

      (On another note.. for some reason I’m unable to email you.. they keep getting returned to me.)
      Love to you!!

  2. The only opinion that counts is yours, Jeannie. How much did your appearance bother you? Will it stay with you? Do you want to change anything?

    I do agree with you about being on TV … stressful.

    And Goose? “Burn me twice” comes to mind.

    The new horizon beckons…

    Blessings and hugs – Maxi

  3. No worries Maxi… just being overly critical. It was an outside interview and I was facing into the sun and squinting. Nothing critical. The interview was associated with my job and I have only three weeks of that left, so that will be the last tv interview. ANother presentation tomorrow and that will be the last of those too.

    As for Goose, I think he just wanted to acknowledge seeing me and we had a nice chat.

    Every day as I’m packing and organizing the various aspects of my new life, I’m very excited about my next steps.

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