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Into The Morning Sun

There are so many changes happening these days.  Good ones for the most part.  It’s sort of like when you’re getting ready to get married.  Lots of decisions to make and lots of details to keep track of.  All in preparation for that exciting and long-awaited big day.

But before my big day arrives there are all sorts of things to finish up.   Packing and cleaning every last nook and cranny.  Arranging for cable disconnection,  and having the mail held.  I’ll need an oil change and a tire rotation.  And then, there’s deciding what to take with me. 

I realized something else.  When I leave for my trip, I’ll be leaving as one person and returning as a new version of me.  Just like when you go to your wedding as Miss So and So and leave the wedding as Mrs.  So and So.   Instead,  I’ll be leaving the life I’ve known as a counselor and returning as a an unemployed writer.  But just as excited and hopeful as a new bride.

I’ll be having a variety of gatherings too before the big day.  My coworkers are hosting a going away party and I have girlfriends to ‘do lunch’ with before I leave.  And of course a special family dinner so everyone can put in their order for souvenirs from my trip.  I need to download skype for Hunter so that he can visit with mom in the evenings.  I’ll also have a special day for just my granddaughter and I. 

My big day is on May 30th.  That’s the day I’ll have my car packed to the gills.  (I’m thinking minimalist, but know I’ll be using WD-40 to squeeze everything into my suitcase.)  On that final morning, I’ll have my last cup of coffee on the deck.   I’ll say a wistful goodbye and buckle my seatbelt as I back out of the driveway for the last time. 

That’s the moment when everything changes from endings to new beginnings.    As I drive down the winding lakeside road into the morning sun, I’ll pass the Ice Cream Cone building, and the Miniature golf course.  I’ll take the curve around the State Park and turn right, passing the Assisted Living Center.  Within two more minutes I’ll be heading south down the Interstate for a long, long time.


4 thoughts on “Into The Morning Sun

  1. One of my all time favorite sayings: It’s never too late to make a new beginning

    Be sure to take along all your favorite memories, Jeannie. They will hold you over should a little melancholy set in when darkness comes.

    Mostly, it’s time for fun and freedom…

    Tuck these unlimited hugs in your bag, my friend, use when needed.

    Blessings – Maxi

  2. Maxi,
    I’m sure I will have a bit of melancholoy every now and then. Hour after hour of highways.. will let the mind wander to some odd places.
    I do have lots of fun and endless freedom, more than I’ve ever had before! And thank you for the endless hugs. Love those!

  3. With our good wishes and love held in your heart
    Our enveloping hugs for when we’re apart
    Directions on where to stock up on snacks at the nearest Wallmart
    You’re nearly ready for your all important new start…….

    Love you Jeannie xxxx

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