Cold and Gray

Yup, it’s a cold wet Sunday at the lake.  In spite of it all, I’ve had a lovely day.  I got a little more packing done, did laundry and ran to the bakery for buns.  Now I’m cooking a full-fledged summer dinner… corn on the cob and grilled burgers.  (I’m pretending it’s a BBQ)  Then I’ve got a couple of dvd’s to view this evening.   But the best part of the day, was all of the conversations that I’ve had with friends.   Catching up on all of everyone’s happenings.  Commiserating over worries and concerns and then turning them into new and improved steps forward.  I just love friends!

How did you spend your Sunday?


8 thoughts on “Cold and Gray

  1. You turned the cold and gray into warm and wonderful on Sunday, Jeannie. Good for you to catch up with friends before you’re on the way.

    My Sunday was spent with my adorable granddaughter, Brittany. Playing in our jammies till we absolutely had to shower and dress.

    Hugs and Blessings – Maxi

  2. Was cold and gray here as well…. a perfec Sunday of lounging on the couch catching up on reading. Today the sun is shining and the yard is getting some much needed love 🙂

  3. I found you via Maxi.
    My Sunday? Being thankful I had slept in a warm dry bed, unlike my son in a tent on a windy wet hill with the rest of his Scout trip. His mood wasn’t the best when I arrived to pick him up.

  4. It might be cold and grey but I am still jealous of that wonderful view! It sounds like you did the best with the day. Next time, you could even share pictures of the tasty-sounding buns and grilled cob/burger dinner. Hungry already at the thought of them…..

  5. I love my lake home.. one month left here and sadly/happily I’ll be moving on to my next best adventure.
    Summer dinner was amazing in spite of the cold, gray day. But it didn’t last long enough to take a picture of.

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