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Sunny and Bright

Okay, I had to show you all that it’s not always cold, gray or foggy at the lake.  Today is a glorious day!!  It’s currently sunny, and 82 degrees with a slight breeze.  You couldn’t ask for anything more.  (Well, if it were Saturday.. I could enjoy it all day long.)  To my boss Mary… don’t read this part.  (Maybe I should call in sick.)   Okay Mary, you can read now.

Living here in this house was one of my dreams.  And it’s been superb.   Even through the winter months it was wonderful here.  Snowmobiles travelled on the lake then instead of the boats.  As all things there is a beginning and an end.  Living here was a seasonal rental.  For the past nine months I’ve been gifted with this dream.  And by the end of May, I’ll be on to a new dream.   But let me tell you, I’ll be making the most of this last month here.

Have a Sunny day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Sunny and Bright

    1. Well, yes there is an aspect of sadness as I pack my things. This morning I took a long walk along the lake road and enjoyed the sun and birds and butterflies.

  1. Hearts and hugs to your present and the future, Jeannie. You will not be forgotten as you head out on a new venture in life.

    Blessings – Maxi

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