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Trip Plan

My upcoming trip will take me from the central midwest, to the deep southwest, up along the west coast, across the northern tier and back again to the midwest.  Dianne thinks it looks kind of like a heart on the map. 

I have something special to do or see at each stop along the way.  From the Cast Away movie crossroads to the Sleepless in Seattle house boat.   I’ll be stopping at The Heart of the Desert Pistachio Winery and the Montana oil fields.  And passing through Tornado Alley and the Rocky Mountains.

I’m getting very excited and I wish I had my suitcases packed and the car loaded.  I wish it were time to go.  I still have a little time left.  So I thought I’d ask for everyone’s helpful travel tips.  Heaven knows I’ll have time to try out every tip that gets suggested. 


14 thoughts on “Trip Plan

  1. I think you already have this tip but get some books on tape. For me that is the best! It kind of makes you not want to get out of the care because you want to know what is coming next. Next tip, while driving a distance try to have at least $100 bucks in cash on you. You are going through places that credit cards/debit cards can mean next to nothing and if you really need help someone is always willing to take cash. Thats it! Have fun 🙂

  2. Your excitement tingles with each word, Jeannie. Can’t give much personal advice as I live on the East Coast of Florida.

    Anyway, Beautiful Life has said it all.

    Hugs and Blessings – Maxi

    1. My next great adventure will have to be in the other direction! My son wants to come to Florida to find snakes. Not sure we can travel in the same car. I’m not a snake lover.

  3. That map is inspiring! I need to explore my country like that. My tip, drive north a couple hours of north Dakota/montana and visit my humble little cottage for a night :). A more practical one… carry extra windshield fluid and spare wiper blade. I swear I run out/or doesn’t work when most needed!

  4. I would love to visit your humble little cottage.. I’ll be 32 miles from the Canadian Border in Montana.
    Very good idea about the washer fluid and blades!

  5. If that map is showing what you are going to do,than all I can say is that it will be a very serious trip, certainly not for the faint hearted or those who get lost easily (like me :D)

    1. Well, I think the enormity of the trip will sink in on about the fourth day. I’ll be sharing my panic attack right here! 🙂
      I’ve divided the trip up into my daily mini trips.. I’ve tricked my mind in to thinking ‘It’s only 300 miles!”

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