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Walkin’ On Sunshine

I went for a walk along the lake this morning.   As I passed this small slough I noticed that the ‘Goose Spa’ was open.  I stood for a while and watched all of their antics as they took advantage of some R&R in the spring sunshine. 

It was a relaxing walk and there were plenty of people to visit with along the way.  It seems those not out walking or biking this morning were mowing or trimming in their yards.  So every so often there would be a polite 60 second conversation about the weather.  We talk about weather a lot in Iowa. 

Just down the road from the Goose Spa is the Miniature Golf Course.  It was being mowed and groomed too for the upcoming weekend.  The other great Iowa sport besides talking about the weather, is Road Construction.  You can’t go five miles in any direction without coming across some orange cones, a tractor and a group of guys in fluorescent vests.  Two very big dump trucks and a garbage truck with a yellow lab in the front seat passed me.  I waved at the dog.  He nodded. Or he might have been trying to catch the wind in his mouth, I’m not sure.

Once I made it around the corner and into the State Park, I saw a sight I hadn’t expected to see so early in the season.  It’s 10:30 am on a Thursday in early May.  It’s 62 degrees and there he is.  A topless guy in orange swim trunks laying on a lawn chair soaking up a tan next to the lake.  I stopped to sit at a nearby picnic table.  It felt odd.. he and I, the only two people in the park.  I was wearing jeans and a jacket and he was wearing, well less.  But we respected each other’s space. 

That is until the Mower Guys showed up.  There were two of ’em.  Riding on large dust-whirling mower decks.  They knew they were loud and disruptive.  They were wearing earphones to drown out their roar.  As I approached the sidewalk  it seemed as if the two of them were circling me with their dust.  I started to wave my arms to clear a breathing path in the once clear air.  I stepped up my pace to out maneuver them onto the pavement.  I smiled to myself as I left them in their own dust.

Then there were the  May Flies.  At least that’s what the neighbor guy calls them.  They’re long, brown and very irritating.  And they have lots and lots of friends.  Swarms of them actually.  They seem to like the cool shady areas the best.  And of course walking along a lake road, there are lots of those cool shady places to hover.  At one point I took in a deep breath, and if I would have had my mouth open any wider.. yuck.  One did however find his way down my shirt where I promptly smashed him.  I didn’t feel bad, he deserved it. 

I’m making the most out of my morning walks by the lake these days.  Before long I’ll be exploring some place new on my walks.  At least there won’t be May Flies.. uh-oh, that probably means June Bugs?


6 thoughts on “Walkin’ On Sunshine

  1. I am going to miss my lake. I wake up every morning looking out at it. I write every day while I’m looking at it. Its become my central focus point.
    The trip will be a major transition step getting me from the lake to my next home. By the time I get back.. I’m thinking I’ll just be grateful not to be in the car.

  2. Not to worry, Jeannie, just concentrate on the fun of your adventure. Somethin’ new every day, gettin’ acquainted with new folks…

    Hugs and blessings – Maxi

  3. I love the way you are making the most of what you have. Store it up in memories, Jeannie, to get you through the the dry times. You are on the brink of change and whatever happens you will make the most of it I’m sure! 🙂

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