Mid-May Update

Life as I’ve known it for quite some time is drawing to a close.  I have two more days before I end a job that I’ve had for 12 years.  The following day will be a going away party hosted by my coworkers.

I’ll be spending the next 11 days packing and moving my belongings to a storage unit.  We’ll also be celebrating Hunter’s 10th birthday with a bowling party.  As well as a family and friends get together this weekend. 

Two weeks from today I’ll be at my first stop on my trip.  Whoo Hoo!  I’ve been forming options for my return.  I’ve come up with Plans A, B, C, and D.  But those options will simmer awhile longer til it’s time for them to bubble to the surface like a dumpling in a pot of stew.

I’ll be blogging about the trip each night after I’ve reached that day’s destination.  So you can all follow me on the map.  In the near future, ie, the next two weeks, my blogs may be sporadic depending on the available time I have each day.  I can’t tell you how many details I have to keep track of.  I cross a few off the list every day, but other things find their way onto the list as well. 

Some of them have been downright annoying.  Car issues.. parts on back order, fix one thing, wait for another.  Dental check up, that turns out was a two-part process and they want to finish up the day before I leave.  (Not so sure that’s gonna work out.)   I’ve been getting last-minute phone calls from the lovely people I’ve rented the lake home from, wanting to show it to prospective buyers.  Apparently, now they want to sell it.  It’s difficult to keep things spic and span when you’re sorting and packing things. 

Finally, last Friday Tammy and I got together for a girls lunch out.  We had a nice meal and went to do a bit of shopping.  That’s when I first noticed the scratchy feeling in my throat.  I took a sip of water and disregarded it, until about 7:30 Friday evening.  The fever began about then and held on like a trooper through Monday morning.  I did go to the urgent care clinic over the weekend, but was informed it was ‘nothing’.   That ‘nothing’ cost well over $100 in copays and antibiotics by yesterday’s end.  Fortunately, the doctor I saw yesterday had a different opinion.  As he walked into the exam room and took one look at me, he reached into his lab coat pocket and got out his prescription pad.  I hadn’t even coughed yet.  Which is amazing because I can’t seem to stop coughing.  Hunter will be disappointed to know though that I managed to eat the rest of his popsicles.  (The cold felt so good in my throat.)  I’m quite happy to report that as of tonight, the coughing has already subsided by half.  And if I don’t talk, it’s an even better ratio.   I’m well on the mend now.  Thank goodness.


6 thoughts on “Mid-May Update

  1. A life change brings many changes and lots of work. Whew! You must feel as if you’re in the middle of a whirlwind.

    Aaand to pile on … you get sick. I have said a special prayer for you, Jeannie.

    Before you know it the fun will begin. Blessings – Maxi

    • Thank you for the extra prayer Maxi. I went to work and it seems the talking REALLY set me back. It was a long night. No talking for me today.. til I work again.. 2 days left and I AM counting, lol.

  2. Sending healing thoughts and much love…you are so doing the right thing and in those first few days on the road your soul’s dust will settle and Oh what an adventure awaits…love you Jeannie xxxx

  3. I have to say that getting sick did slow me down a little bit. And I think that’s a good thing. I’ll be following my progress too, lol. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

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