Over the weekend I had two gatherings at my home.  First on Saturday evening, some of my coworkers came bearing all sorts of tasty things.  As usual there was much more food than people to eat it all.   The weather came as I’d ordered it though.  Clear, sunny and warm with a light breeze.  We all gathered on the deck except for Emily’s husband who was still recovering from his Friday night.  He watched the Preakness and then joined us.

As usual there are a few antics, Lori was the first to spill her wine.  The flies were elated.  All ten thousand of them.  Then my glass of lemonade toppled over, spilling even though it had a lid.  It was fortunate for me though that it tipped because a few of those friendly flies had flown down the straw and were doing the backstroke in my lemonade.  I think they even waved when I took the lid off.  Of course nature had to play its part.  So the wind kicked up a gust and took Lori’s plate flying across the table.  Luckily, she had eaten everything drippy or smeary.  Mary was relieved and a very good plate catcher as well.  By the nature of the work we do, someone is always on call.  It was Mary’s turn. Of course her call came even before everyone had arrived.

Heather, Rachel and the kids came by even though they’d already had a busy day.  The kids were a little bored by the grown up conversations, but intrigued with the toy bin.  It’s always cool to play with someone else’s toys.  Kaci and Penelope and Emily P. were the last to arrive.. but they were forgiven because they brought the largest chocolate dipped strawberries I’d ever seen.   Penelope was the youngest guest and also center stage for the entertainment portion of the evening.

My gracious and very generous coworkers all contributed to a lovely parting gift.  A leather portfolio and Cross pen set for me to use at the Writer’s Conference.  And a gift card, “for travel treats” along the way.  I’m gonna have to write something profound now.  Think, think, think.  Writer’s block.  Hmmm.

It was bright and early on Sunday morning when I began cooking for the second gathering.  My plan was to eliminate some of the groceries in my cupboards and freezer.  I invited my entire Facebook friends list.. only 1 came.  What is up with Facebook?  I see those little green lights on next to your names people.. I know you read Facebook.  But we still had a house full of family and friends.  I sent leftovers home with everyone.  I still have some sloppy joes and cheesy potatoes, and brownies.  Any takers?

My sweet granddaughter painted me a beautiful watercolor picture for in my car.  It says “Happy Travels”.  She’s 7 and amazing!  Kali, her mother and I will be having a “Girls Only Night” later this week.

Dianne and I are planning a breakfast together this week too.  So it’s a pretty social week.  Okay, I have to be honest… I never have this much social life.

Even though it’s only been 1 day.. I like being jobless, so far.  I slept in til 8:00.  Had coffee on the deck.  Showered and made a plan for the day.  My first stop was of course.. the office!  Mary’s dish was left behind.  It was only right that I returned it.


8 thoughts on “Gatherings

  1. Whew! I got tired just reading your agenda, Jeannie. And the watercolor filled my eyes.

    My 7yr-old granddaughter, Brittany, has the fridge covered.

    Blessings and hugs – Maxi

  2. Bless Kali I love her picture and you’ll have so much fun at your sleepover…parties and endings..they will be with you in your heart Jeannie as you head out on the road…love you xxxx

    • Oh yes, they will be for sure. Kali thinks I’m silly with all of the questions I ask her. It’s a good thing she’s around to keep me informed. I have a little spot in my car to put momentos like these. Its like taking a little bit of everyone along with me.
      :ove you too!
      Jeannie xxxxx

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