Prelude To An Adventure

The sorting and packing are done.  The moving and hauling is finished.  The cleaning and scrubbing are complete.  I’ve got my bags packed and the car is shiny and the gas tank full.  I was even reminded to reset the odometer to Zero.   There have been a lot of gatherings and goodbyes and good lucks.  Even more be carefuls and drive safelys.

My safety plan is simple.  Lock the doors.  Drive during daylight hours.  Take my time.  Stop when I need a break.  Stop again when I see something worth investigating.  And stop one more time to take pictures of exciting things to post on my blog.  I have cell phone coverage on my entire route, I verified it with my cell carrier.  The car has been prepared and pampered, today it even got a massage at the car wash.

There have been a lot of endings.  They rightly made me a little sad.  Not like I need three months of therapy kind of sad.  More like the ‘I just finished a good book’ kind of sad.  It’s the ending of a chapter in my life.   Tomorrow, I turn the page and begin a brand new chapter.  This time I get to be a writer.  You’ll be the first to know how that goes.

I got an email from the writer’s conference people the other day.. with a Scholarship Contest opportunity. The challenge was to write a ‘Best Opening’ for a story.. either published or unpublished. must be an original work and consist of no more than 40 words.  Author of Bastard Out of Carolina, Dorothy Allison explained that an opening line must be shocking and compelling enough to capture the reader.  To make them want to turn the page and read more.  Dorothy will be one of the workshop presenters at the conference.

As you all know I write only non-fiction events that I have experienced.  I was telling my family about the scholarship contest and my oldest son offered that I should write about an experience he had several years ago.  I was only a part of the event because I, as his mother was a spectator to it.  So I wrote about how his experience affected me.  It was shocking and compelling.. I only hope it intrigues the conference organizers enough to choose my ‘Best Opening’.  They will announce the choice on Saturday.  And of course I’ll let you know how I fare.  Not only does the winner of he contest get a scholarship for the cost of tuition to the conference, but they will also receive a signed copy of Dorothy’s book at the conference.

The pre-conference challenge sparked my interest and got me excited.  I’ll be able to learn so many things from very well-known authors.  What an opportunity for me!   It seems that all of the endings that I’ve completed have left room for all of the new horizons I’m about to discover.  It’s time to get some sleep.  We have a new adventure to begin tomorrow.


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