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Day 2 – May 31, 2012

I left Overland Park, Kansas yesterday morning under cold gray skies that were threatening to put a damper on my day’s drive.  Fortunately, the highway led me far away from the clouds.  Once I reached the beautiful rolling Flint Hills area the sun was shining on the herds of Black Angus beef cattle grazing the morning away.

It wasn’t long though before I reached the Flint Hills area of Kansas along Interstate 35 when the clouds began to break up giving way to both beautiful landscape and sunny skies.

The on unfortunate thing about the drive through the Flint Hills was that there was not one scenic viewing stop along the whole route.  I was merely able to pull over briefly and open my car window to get a couple of pictures.

Wichita Kansas is known as the wheat capital of the world.  And the wheat business was in full harvest as I approached Wichita.  There were some fields already harvested and turning brown from the sun exposure.  But other fields were fully ripe and eagerly waving at me as I passed by.  And yet others were being harvested by big red Case combines feverishly cutting each stalk of wheat.

As I entered into Oklahoma the landscaped changed yet again.  The soil took on a reddish cast and even the ground water and creeks that I passed by were a muddy red color.  Had I been  pioneer crossing the plains back in the day, I’d have been afraid to drink the water.

I turned west off of I-35 toward Enid, Oklahoma home of the Vance Air Force base.  But I’d been searching the area before the trip and was inspired to visit the town of Woodward Oklahoma.  It was the name of my 4th grade teacher.  Mrs. Woodward was the woman who first inspired my love of reading and writing, so what way to better honor her than to visit a town with her name.  I was not disappointed!

As I crested a hill on the blacktop highway, I was delighted with the most glorious landscape of my trip thus far.  The Gloss Mountains were rising on the horizon.  And they are spectacular.

This mountain is part of The Gloss Mountains State park.  I was fortunate enough to happen upon it.  I stopped and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the foot of these Red Messa Mountains.

I was fortunate in many ways in Woodward Oklahoma.  I was gifted in meeting Kimberly Correa a local photographer and artist.  She shared a Woodward sunset with me.

I have enjoyed my time in Woodward Oklahoma.  Today I’m heading on to my next adventures in the great state fo Texas.  They say.. everything is bigger in Texas.  I’ll let you know.


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