Day 7 – June 5th, 2012

Today is the wedding anniversary of two of my children.  My oldest daughter and her husband are celebrating their eighth anniversary.  They live near me with their daughter, my only grandchild by the way.  My son and his lovely wife also live near me and it’s their second anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to you all!

I was rather scorched from the desert driving.  The landscape remains the same for the most part.  Hour after hour watching the thermometer display on my car rise higher and higher.  Lordsburg is a small desert town with a population of about 3,000 people.  I believe most of them must be employed at the several hotels that stand at the desert’s edge along the Interstate Highway.  The hotel clerk chuckled when I asked about a movie theater.  She told me there had been one but that it had closed a few years ago.  She told me a driving tour of town would take me about ten minutes.  She was correct.  I stopped outside the Post Office to fill out a couple of post cards.  The Postal Clerk was very friendly and helpful in getting them in the day’s mail at the last-minute.

I was delighted to find Kranberry’s Restaurant.  A large, comfortable dining area greeted me.  An assortment of Indian and Mexican items were available for purchase near the entrance.  I was seated and was impressed with the wide variety of menu items.  Not the usual ‘road side cafe’ fare.  I opted for the grilled chicken breast with rice and grilled vegetables.  A very ample serving beginning with a large green salad.  I was well fed and back to my hotel room for an early night.

In the morning I was up and on the road heading toward Phoenix Arizona.  I was looking forward to visiting a town along the way.  And I wasn’t disappointed when I arrived.  Benson Arizona is a quaint but lively desert town.   I found my way to the Benson Visitor Center where I made a few purchases.  My ex-husband’s last name is Benson so I had to buy memorabilia for my youngest.

The visitor center had a large variety of items to choose from.  Since my purchases are a surprise, I cannot divulge anything further.  Benson was developed as a stopping point for the Overland Stage Coach Mail Delivery.  Eventually, Southern Pacific Railroad took over.   The town is also the home of Kartchner Caverns State Park.   Home of many bats.  I’m not a lover of bats… I know it’s a shock to everyone reading, but as wonderful as I’m sure they are, I did not visit the caverns nor the bats.  I’m certain they’re as happy about that as I am.  My incessant screaming would have upset them terribly.  I did however have a nice lunch before traveling on to Phoenix.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – June 5th, 2012

  1. Fab Jeannie..the bats made me chuckle and my lovely friend I had a vision of you in a Stetson then??? Love you xxx

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