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Day 9 – June 7, 2012

I have arrived in Santa Barbara California!

A perfect sunny, mild California afternoon.  The Pacific ocean at the right, my hotel on the left.  East Beach is filled with people sun bathing, biking, walking and roller blading.   After a drive down Cabrillo Boulevard, I checked into my hotel and became one of the walkers along the beach.  The ocean is surprisingly calm with only the occasional white crested wave reaching the warm sandy shore.

I was impressed with the number of outside cafes available for diners.  No need to waste a perfectly glorious afternoon by eating inside.  I chose Rusty’s Pizzeria.  Shaped as a lighthouse, I found an umbrella covered table to enjoy my salad and pizza.

A short walk took me to the Visitor’s Center where I was loaded with maps and guides to all of the local activities and sites to see.  My first stop was the Santa Barbara Zoo.

What a creative and inviting way to introduce the reptile exhibit.  I’m not particularly fond of reptiles but even I was impressed.  I took several pictures of the slithering residents for my son.  Then it was on to brighter exhibits outdoors.

I really enjoyed being able to be up close to the exhibits and I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring this fabulous city zoo.  I purchased a couple of post cards at the gift shop to send back home.  I filled them out and walked back to the hotel were the ever helpful staff greeted me with a smile.  And a surprise.

“Miss Thompson, we have something waiting in the office for you.”

“For me?”

She disappeared briefly and returned with a very fragrant vase of flowers!

Purple Asters and White Lillies with these words…

“A Special Time For You To Find Your Dream

You Have Found It

So Get It

And Live It”

Thank you very much for these beautiful flowers and for being so thoughtful and showing me your love.

  I have been traveling for a week to get here.  And my dream is underway.  The 40th Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference begins on Saturday, June 9th.   I’ve come here to learn and stretch my writing muscles.  The workshops and gifted speakers will be doing their best to teach me for the next several days.  As I’ll be focusing on the workshops I won’t be posting regularly until the conference concludes.  See you all soon!


6 thoughts on “Day 9 – June 7, 2012

  1. Your travel has been exciting so far, Jeannie. The best is yet to come at the writer’s conference. Wishing you the best … strrreeetch.

    Blessings – Maxi

    1. Today the workshops begin… I’m so excited to learn from such gifted writers. You can google the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference and see the happenings.

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