Workshop Classes For Today

For those of you following my journey to the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference, I thought I’d list the specific workshops I’ll be attending today.

1.  Jerry Camarillo Dunn, Jr.         Travel Writing

Mr. Dunn has worked for National Geographic for 25 years, first as an editor, writer, and columnist, then as a guidebook author.  He has also written travel guides for the Smithsonian Institute and has been a contributing editor at Islands Magazine.

2.  Barnaby Conrad, III      The First Four Pages

Mr. Conrad is the author of 11 books of non-fiction including Absinthe, The Martini, and Ghost Hunting in Montana.   He’s published hundreds of magazine articles and is co-founder of Kanbar & Conrad Books, an imprint of Council Oak Books where he edits fiction and non-fiction.

3.  Dan Poynter   Book Promotion for Writers, Introverts and other Reluctant Marketers

Mr. Poynter is the author of more than 125 books, has been a publisher since 1969.  His seminars have been featured on CNN, and he travels more than 6,000 miles each week to share, inspire, and empower writers, publishers and professional speakers.

4,  Monte Schulz       Voice and Style

Mr. Schulz published his first novel in 1990 and spent ten years writing a thousand page novel of the Jazz Age published now in three parts by Fantagraphics Books.   This Side of Jordan, The Last Rose of Summer, and The Big Town.

If you’re in the area, the evening speakers are open to the public.  Tonight’s speaker is the award-winning author, Christopher Buckley.  Author of”They Eat Puppies Don’t They”


2 thoughts on “Workshop Classes For Today

  1. The Workshops have been fabulous. The evening speakers, Dorothy Allison, Christopher Buckley, and Miles Corwin have all been very encouraging. We had a wine and cheese party by the pool with a group of agents and editors. Tonight our speaker is Gar Anthony Haywood.
    My head is spinning with all of the new information and techniques I’ve learned. Can hardly wait to get back to writing!
    Thank you Maxi!
    Hugs and Blessings,

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