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The Writer’s Conference is over.  It was the most amazing writing experience I’ve ever had.  I learned so much and met simply fabulous writers.  The workshops I attended had very educated and experienced leaders who not only taught me, but inspired me to really focus on my writing.  Persistence seems to be the key.  Now, the work begins.  I have materials to organize and reading and writing to do.  One editor I met told me to write 2,000 words a day.  Every day.  So I have my work cut out for me.

The conference ended with a fabulous dinner for 300 people.  I sat at a table with some of my new writer friends.  Emails and phone numbers have been exchanged.  Pictures taken and hugs given.  I will miss their daily smiles and support, but we’ve agreed to meet here again next June.  The evening concluded with an awards program.   One award each for Non-ficiton, Ficiton, Poetry and Screen Writing.  The winners each read their work.  Very impressive!  Their readings gave me a lot to aspire to.

I’d like to give a special thanks to a couple of my workshop leaders.  For their confidence that I have potential, and for all that they taught me.  Jerry Camarillo Dunn… who worked with National Geographic for 25 years, first as an editor, writer and columnist, and then as a guidebook author.   He also writes for the Smithsonian Institute and is a contributing editor for Islands Magazine.  And to Rebecca Robbins, who holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and teaches at UCSD and wrote a monthly column for the San Jose Mercury News.  Thank you both so much.  I have so much information swirling in my head.  But once it settles in, I’ll put it all into practice.

The rest of my trip awaits!  I’ve packed my car once again.  I do need to find a car wash.  Its been parked under a tree for the past several days.  Need I say more?  Okay, there are lots of birds here.  And they eat well.

Have a great Friday..



8 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I am so chuffed for you that you had a great conference…what an experience and one I suspect that will stay with you for a very long time…a pivotal point my lovely friend. May you, your car and it’s resident bird poo have a good next leg of your journey xxxx Big hugs xxx

    1. I’ve just arrived in Sacramento California. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting the psychologist who will be doing the forward for my book. I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath and I’m already getting closer to a goal!
      My car is still messy.. I need to find a car wash!
      Bug Hugs right back,
      Jeannie xxxxxx

  2. You had a monumental experience, Jeannie. Walked away with new friends, encouragement and lots of work to do, plus…

    Your buddy in Florida cheering you on.

    Blessings – Maxi

    1. Oh Maxi,
      I am still awe-struck at all of the things that occured this week. It was a great gift to attend.
      And I thought of you many times during my week Maxi.. It was as if you were there with me.
      Thank you…

  3. I’ve been to many work related trainings over the years, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like this past week.
    I can hardly wait til my trip is complete and I can begin writing!

  4. Happy and safe driving for the rest of your trip, Jeannie. Then…….. great writing on its way (even I can see that) 😉 BIG Hugs and lots of love and peace x0x0x
    From your friend on the other side of the world ( who is jealous as hell — LOL)
    WOW what an experience

  5. Thys,
    Your note made me laugh. There are so many wonders to see, adventures to have and people to meet. I can’t possibly do it all in this one trip. I’d have to make it a way of life.. just traveling around seeing and doing. (Now there’s an idea…) Maybe I should raffel off the passenger seat!
    Love and hugs!

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