Sacramento California!

Sacramento California Skyline

Okay I have to say it… Sacramento is hot.  112 degrees to be exact.  It’s a different kind of hot than I’ve experience in Iowa.   In Iowa it’s usually very humid when temperatures reach three digits.  This was the first time I’ve experienced 112 degrees.  I’m not real anxious to do it again anytime soon.   Not that I was really ‘in’ the heat for long.  From my air conditioned car to an air conditioned store at the Pavillions mall.  Coldwater Creek got my attention simply for the name of the store.  It seemed as if it would be extra cool inside.  It was extra cool, a 40% sale was in progress and I found a lovely summer top.

The highlight of my Sacramento experience took place at Piatti’s.  A lovely Italian restaurant located in the Pavillions Center.  There I met a dear friend, Nancy.  We have been corresponding for over four years and finally had the opportunity to spend an afternoon together.  Nancy was there when I arrived, sitting in a booth she chose so that she could see me as I entered.  After smiles and hugs, we ordered beverages and lots of conversation ensued.  I’m certain that 45 minutes passed before we chose our lunch from the menu.  I eagerly, and without disappointment I might add, took Nancy’s menu suggestions.  Spinach-Ricotta Ravoli in a delicate Lemon Cream sauce.  Our meal was served with Sourdough bread and Italian olive-oil dipping sauce. For a new-extended friendship, there was a bunch of girl talk.  That’s what makes a ‘Girl’s Lunch Out’ something special.  The dessert didn’t hurt either.  We shared a White Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding with Whipped Cream.  Our afternoon ended with Nancy signing a copy of her book for me, and me giving her the booklet from the writer’s conference.  Maybe next June we’ll go together for six days of lunches, dinners, chats by the pool and walks along the beach as we discuss the workshops we’ve attended.    I’m already looking forward to next June!


2 thoughts on “Sacramento California!

  1. It was a verybeautiful place. I wish I had a year to do this trip so that I could spend much more time in each place that I’ve visited.
    Love & Hugs,
    Jeannie xxxx

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