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Mountains and Forests and Bears – Oh My!

Bright and early this morning I headed north on Interstate 5.  For once, a nice straight highway… for 584 miles.  Well, it looked like a straight highway on the map anyway.  Actually, it was a very curvy highway that took me winding my way up mountains and unwinding my way back down on the other side.

I rounded one said curve near Yreka in the northern-most part of California, and I was gifted with this view regal of Mount Shasta standing proudly in the distance.

As I stood taking this picture it was 90 degrees and yet there is snow capping this mountain in June.  Mount Shasta stands at an elevation of  14,179 feet (or for my foreign friends 4, 322 meters) and receives an average of 104 inches of snow each winter.

Passing into Oregon, the landscape rapidly changed.  I  traveled through the thickest green pine tree forests I’ve ever seen.  I grew up visiting the rustic areas of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I thought I knew forests.   Today,  Oregon proudly introduced me to forests.  Very impressive.  The pine green landscape stretched as far as my middle-aged eyesight could see, rolling on and on hill over hill.

Where you have forests, you’ll also have wild life.  I was entertained by this sign, but only because I didn’t see one.  However,  I did think of the cattle grazing in the flatlands areas, wondering just how many bears venture into their pastures.

Fortunately as the 584 miles came to an end, so did the curves in the highway.  I have arrived safely in Portland Oregon.  Tomorrow my former co-worker and current tour guide, Adam will meet me for brunch and be my personal driver for the day.


3 thoughts on “Mountains and Forests and Bears – Oh My!

  1. Don’ t envy you the mountain roads Jeannie, but the mountain view … aaah!

    A former co-worker and guide, sounds like a treat. Hope you’re enjoying yourself and geared for each new day.

    Blessings from your friend with lots o’ pine trees in her corner of the world…

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