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Back in Business – Finally!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I want to thank you all for your undying patience.  These past two weeks have been just a whirlwind of activity. Not that the trip wasn’t full of adventure and activity, but it continued on from the moment I arrived back in the midwest.

I will complete the travelogue, for those who were following that.  I ran into some internet issues while traveling through the upper northwest and across the northern plains.  As I began feeling the pull towards home, I drove some very long hours and would collapse exhausted at the end of the day.

When I did arrive first at my son’s in West Central Minnesota, it was wonderful to see a family face!  We spent some time catching up, exploring his area and then had an evening out with his friends.  He’s currently in South Carolina for his last month of National Guard.  His plan was to discharge at the end of this assignment.  All of you that know Andrew, also know that he is spontaneous (even more than his Mom!) so his plans could change before the end of July.

I realized quickly that my return to the midwest, also meant finding a place to live.  I left Andrew’s and spent a week checking out a new town and decided it was an excellent fit for the new directions my life is taking.   Then it was back to Iowa for a week to pack and make moving arrangements.  I stayed with my daughter and her family (Thank you very much Angie, Mike and Kali!).  We had such a wonderful time.  My son, Nick and his wife, Kate joined us for a BBQ.

My oldest son, Andrew arrived on Sunday afternoon and along with my son-in-law Mike and we took the kids to the pool.

Sunday evening, Nick called and said, “Mom, I’m off work  on Tuesday and Wednesday.. my friend Jeff and I can help you move.”

I didn’t have all of the details worked out yet, but I took a leap of faith ( what a leap it was!) and told him “Yes and Thanks!”

At 8:00 am on Tuesday, July 3rd we set out in a pick-up truck that was pulling a U-haul trailer, and of course my car was packed to the brim.   My 10 year-old son, Hunter, Nick, Jeff and I all drove to South Central Wisconsin.  The where however, was still uncertain.  I had applied at two different apartments in the same town.  The approval for a one bedroom was finalized.  But I had my eyes on a two bedroom apartment on the river (I seem to need to be near water in order to find my writing inspiration) and I wanted an apartment that has space for Hunter.

It was nearly 1:00 p.m. when we stopped at Denny’s in Wisconsin Dells for lunch.  Hunter did recommend we give up on this moving adventure and go to a water park instead.  With temperatures soaring in the upper 90’s it was an excellent idea.  Alas, the U-Haul was groaning to be emptied, somewhere.  I made a last-ditch-effort call to the potential landlord and during lunch and the remaining hour-long drive, the approval finally came through for the two bedroom on the river.   A destination.  Home.  I have to say it was a relief.

We unpacked storage tubs, boxes and furniture.  Thank goodness for the elevator and the maintenance man who installed a new air conditioner as we unloaded the truck and trailer.  The temperatures reached 104 that afternoon.  I owe a huge thank you to my helpers, Hunter, Nick, and Jeff.  Hunter was the bravest one of all though.  He stayed with me for the week and little by little we made a pile of boxes and storage tubs into our home at last.

A week has passed since the move and I’ve gotten the essentials all taken care of.  Internet service being the biggest for me.  And tonight is the first time I’ll be attending the Area Writer’s Group.  I’m so excited!  There are several published authors here.  I hope to learn a great deal from them and be inspired to keep working on my book.  Perseverance is the key.


6 thoughts on “Back in Business – Finally!

  1. You are an inspiration lovely Jeannie, I wish you many happy hours and adventures in your new home and I can’t wait to see how the Writer’s Group goes…love you xxxx

  2. I’m managing my way through the unpacking. Today I found my post-it note pads, so now the world is in alignment once again. Lol!
    I’ll update you about the writer’s group.
    Love & Hugs!
    Jeannie xxxxx

  3. Welcome HOME!!! Jeannie. Wish you all the best for this new lifestyle you chose. I am sure it wil be a great success. And so……….. the journey begins………..
    Hugs x0x0x

    1. Life is one journey after another isn’t it Thys? I’m still feeling rather worn out, but making progress on getting settled into my new home. No lake this time, but I have a balcony that faces a river.. I’ll have to post a picture.

  4. Welcome back, Jeannie, missed you.

    You must be worn out, all that driving, packing, more driving. Whew!

    Glad that you have found a writer’s group to fill you with inspiration.

    Many Hugs and Blessings – Maxi

    1. Hi Maxi!
      I missed you too. I’m making headway on the unpacking and getting settled. The writer’s group was wonderful, most of them are published. That gives me so much encouragement that one day I will be too.
      Hugs and blessings back to you,

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