Ahhh, Sweet Success!

Proud Fisherman!

This is my son and just one of the many fish he’s been catching from this very spot.  He can sit here along the rocks hour after hour casting his baited line into the river.  I’m a fan of my young fisherman.  I send him to his favorite spot loaded with all of the things a mom is certain that one young boy might need in order to catch ‘the big one.’    We have it narrowed to a minimum now, but only because his pockets will only hold a few things.   There were compromises made. 

1.Bottle of drinking water.  The summer days have been very hot and with no shade near the river he’s sitting there in full sunlight.

2.  Sunglasses.  I’d find him squinting at the glints of sunlight dancing across the water.  He shouldn’t have crow’s feet by his eyes at age 10.

3.  Fishing suppilies.  Pole, fishing line, weights, hooks, bobbers and of course bait.

4.  Cell Phone.  I fully expect that as he’s falling into the river after being pulled in by ‘the big one’ that he’ll call to let me know.   The inclusion of a cell phone occurred due to a compromise.   He had a conversation with me.  The one that goes like this:

“Mom, you can’t just sit here and watch me.  None of the other guys fishing have their mom’s sitting here.” 

Being the kind of mom that I am.. I got sneaky, I can sit on my veranda and watch him fishing from there.  I also find every reason I can to go and see how he’s doing.   I’ll take him snacks.  I’ll take him sunscreen.  I’ll go to take pictures of the fish he’s caught.  So far… he tolerates me.  I’m sure the other fishermen know exactly what I’m doing.  But they can sit there squinting into the sun only wishing they had homemade treats to munch on.




5 thoughts on “Ahhh, Sweet Success!

  1. Hunter is a handsome boy, Jeannie. He looks so proud holding up his “catch” to make sure the camera captures every inch. Too precious.

    It seems as if all is going well for you and Hunter. Sooo happy for you both.

    Hugs and Blessings – Maxi

  2. WOW This is the perfect picture of a true fisherman. Imagine being rewarded like this for a day of fishiing. Hunter is one very lucky guy.
    Well done to him.
    And …………………………. so glad to hear you enjoying your new surroundings too, Jeannie.
    Hugs and love xxx

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