Reality Bites

I’m not talking about the 1994 movie, although its one I’ve seen a few times.  I’m talking about the world I’ve been focusing on as I create a new path.  The one where I focus on reaching for long held dreams.  Taking bold steps toward achievement. Maneuvering the waters as family and friends adjust to my changes.  My whole world has been geared that way for  awhile now.  Oh wait, that is the movie.  Reality Bites.

College graduates who are ready to reach for their dreams.  Thinking it’s finally their turn after graduating from college.  Only to find out that life.. doesn’t stand still while you’re finding your place.  Life doesn’t hand you anything on a silver platter.  And working at The Gap isn’t below you just because you’ve got a degree now.

In my world, my perseverence will keep doors opening here and there along the way as I get closer to the goals I’ve set for myself.  In my world, my bank account will have a never ending balance if I’m cautious amd make good financial choices.  In my world, I’ll meet the right people at the right time who will provide the right next steps.

While I’m busy achieving my goals, I still have to consider reality.  Even make it a focus.  (Gasp)  My book won’t write itself.  I need to spend countless uninterrupted hours at my computer.  I don’t have an endless bank balance and I want to keep a safety net there.   That means I have to put some time into working.  My family relationships and friendships won’t remain steadfast without some time and attention.  And then there are the new people I’m meeting here.

It’s Monday and a good day to focus my time in reality.  I’m off to transfer my driver’s license, register to vote and visit the job services center.  But first, I have to make coffee.  Coffee trancends the realm of goal seeking and reality.  It’s a good place to start.


4 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. Yeees, go for the coffee, Jeannie. It’s like a steam engine that gets us crackin’ in the am. Sounds like you’re doing okay. I’m cheering you on each and every day.
    Blessings – Maxi

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