Little Miss Scaredy Pants

Well, I do have to say that the landscape is very different from the way it used to be.  You know, back in the olden days when I was 20.  I attended a workshop yesterday called “Choices, Changes and Adjustments.”  I think it added to my personal fear factor.  I found out that there are things working against me.  Imagine the audacity!  I know I was certainly shocked. and still reeling from it yet today.

Did you know that at 50-something you’re not so much in demand anymore in the job market?  I’ve heard stories over the past few years about how difficult it is to find a job, much less a good job with a health and retirement program.  But I didn’t know anyone personally who was in that situation.  People who are highly skilled with tons of experience to offer.  Yet, they can’t get a job, anywhere.

I believe in myself.  I have faith that at the end of this particular tunnel, there will be light.  And not the headlight of an oncoming locomotive.  I trust (maybe naively) that everything will work out and I’ll be okay.  But in the meantime, I’m a little bit worried.  Okay, I’m gonna be honest.. I’m scared silly.

I’ve been applying for jobs.  Lots of them.  I buffed and polished my resume and cover letter.  I have sent it out faithfully.  I’ve applied for jobs online too.  There are many. many to apply for.  I’ve had a couple of calls to come and complete entrance testing and it resulted in a couple of interviews.  I even had an offer.  It was a very minimal offer and I declined it.

Then there are the rejections.  I’ve had lots of those.  Some blatantly saying I’m not what they’re looking for.  Others polite., with a smile even.  Thank you for applying, but no thank you.

I’ve been pretty certain about my retirement plan.  I’ve had it in place for years actually.  To be a Cart Lady at Walmart.  No offense to the Cart Ladies of Walmart.. I’m very serious about this retirement plan.  I didn’t think it was quite time to pursue the retirement plan.  But…  I think its time to pull up my big girl panties and face life as it is.

I’m printing out another resume as I write this.  I’ll be paying a visit to Walmart this afternoon.  I’ll keep you posted.


6 thoughts on “Little Miss Scaredy Pants

  1. You have the sparkliest, pinkest, specialist pants of anyone I know…you will fly through this…I love you xxxxx

  2. You do have what it takes jeannie. Keep it up and i’m sre you will find the perfect position for you.
    Thinking of you and holding thumbs.
    Lots of love and BIG hugs

  3. Rejection is a huge blow to one’s confidence, Jeannie. Just take a deep breath and know that it will work out.

    You are where you’re supposed to be, and will soon have a job tailored just for you.

    Hugs and Blessings to you and Hunter – Maxi

  4. Maxi,
    Thank you for the steady words of confidence. Writer’s Group tonight. I’m introducing my book to them. Fingers crossed.
    Hugs and Blessings!

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