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The Differance A Day Can Make

It amazes me how I can feel like I’m stuck in the doldrums.  Drifting about bumping into obstacles every where I turn.  Stuck with no wind to carry me to a new place.  No sail to guide me.  Just stuck.  Then a new day begins and with it new energy.  New opportunities.  Another chance.

The clouds in my emotional skies clear and the sun shines once again.  I received two calls yesterday from potential employers.  I have an interview scheduled for next week.  Writer’s Group was amazing and I made some solid connections with other writers there.  I’ll be visiting with one author tomorrow who has offered her support and assistance should I need it.  And of course I will.  I found a Chinese Restaurant that does not use MSG and I shared a Chinese Food dinner with a friend last night.  Mmmmm, it was good.  Today I’m going with a friend to the Wisconsin State Fair.  Life is good once again.

It’s hard to remember on those less than sunny days that we all have from time to time, that there are ebbs and flows to life.  Ups and downs are a normal.  They both have purpose in moving us forward, even when we feel like we’re stuck in the doldrums.

5 thoughts on “The Differance A Day Can Make

    1. It’s definately the “Patience” part that trips me up every time Jane. Oddly enough, life gives me plenty of opportunities to practice it.

      Sending you love and hugs!
      Jeannie xxxxx

      1. Jeannie you made me chuckle…thank you…please can you email me your address as I have a little something for you my lovely friend xxxxx

  1. How wonderful that the road of life is taking you on a brighter path, Jeannie. May it be onward and upward from here … personally and professionally.
    Blessings to you and Hunter – Maxi

  2. Maxi,
    Fortunately life pulls us forward. Yesterday I went to the Wisconsin State Fair. Even with all the walking I gained a pound.. I think it was the Cream Puff.. maybe it was the fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds..
    Today has quite an array of entertainment in store. Farmer’s Market, the National Water Ski competition is in town, and a Craft Fair with author Sherry Derr-Wille. This evening I plan on writing. (I’m getting to the good part.)
    Have a glorious weekend Maxi!
    Love and Blessings,

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