Does a Goose Fly South?

You just never know what a day will bring.  Yesterday brought a surprising text.  It’s been nine months since I last heard from Goose.  But just after 5:00 p.m. I received a text asking how I was and wondering if I was still in California writing my book.

I have to admit, I was startled when I realized who the text came from.  I did reply and we texted back and forth for a couple of hours.  I filled him in and clarified that I had only visited California during my trip, but that I had in fact relocated and I am working on my book.

He shared the happenings in his life and the upcoming wedding of his son in October.  Then he asked if I had moved to where I am because I had found Mr. Right and had gotten married.

I had to chuckle.

Throughout this text-a-thon I wondered why I was hearing from Goose after such a long time.  Why on a Wednesday in September would he think about me enough to send a text?  I kept waiting for a clue.  Some comment he’d make or a specific word that he’d use to give me an idea why he was calling.

Rather than just bluntly ask, I was content to let the text conversation flow where it would.  We talked about the low points of being single and middle-aged.  We talked about those awful lonely moments that every single person faces when friends or family are busy in their own lives.

He shared that he hadn’t had any serious relationships and how that had both good and bad sides to it.

Finally he commented how it was about 260 miles from where he lives to where I live.   Was it a hint?  Should I be expecting company?  Hmmmm.  Will this particular Goose be flying south this fall?  I’ll keep you posted.



8 thoughts on “Does a Goose Fly South?

  1. I think that Goose has some regrets about the opportunity that we had at one time. He made a different choice back then… it wasn’t me. So I think that his sporadic contacts now are about resolutions that he needs to work through.
    For me, I read that chapter and then moved on. I continue to read the rest of the book. You just never know what lies on the very next page. Maybe one day, there will be a chapter that goes on to a whole new volume.

  2. I love you Jeannie and my friend, this post is worthy of a private email comment…so Geese may fly South for the Winter and friends hold hands and talk stuff through xxx On my way xxx

    • Yes Maxi,
      Goose did indeed show his true colors. I’m interested in a bolder palette.
      All is well here. Life continues to move forward. I’ve been asked to join the board of the area Singles Group. The group is moving to a new sponsor site and growth is happening. Lots of new activities in the works.
      Heading to the Minneapolis Renaissance Festival with Hunter tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
      Love and Hugs,

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