Sunday Sillies

I did a silly thing this morning.  Sillier than usual, even for me.  I’m with my son this weekend.  We had just returned from Sunday breakfast.  Both my son and I take a daily medication, so I was getting them out for us to take.  Usually I just take my own. But this morning I was distracted.  I was chatting with him and without thinking, I swallowed his pill.  Within seconds I realized I had taken the wrong medication.  Try as I might, it wanted to stay in my stomach.

I called poison control.  Carol was lovely, but had no quick and fast remedy for me.  Instead she’s gonna call me in an hour to see how I am.  It’s a stimulant medication.  I already had my morning coffee, so within an hour or so, I ought to be running around like a crazy woman.  (I know, not a far stretch).  So in an attempt to calm myself down and wait to see what happens, of course I thought of blogging.

Its been 45 minutes since my mishap occurred.  No side effects yet.  I’ll keep you posted if that changes.

As a diversion, I’ll tell you all about the Renaissance Festival that my son and I attended yesterday.  It was a beautiful 78 degrees when we arrived.  A sunny afternoon with bumble bees zipping around everywhere.  There were the jesters, knaves and court royalty milling about in all of their medieval splendor.  We happened to be in just the right spot when the Renaissance Parade caught up with us.  We stood alongside other fair-goers as the belly dancers and the snake handlers meandered by with boisterous taunts.  My son is an avid snake lover and quickly called out the breeds of the various snakes that I was trying diligently not to see.  Bull snakes, a red tail boa, ball pythons, corn snakes and the aptly named king snakes.

Fortunately they moved along quickly and the romantic sound of roaming minstrels took their place.  We stopped to watch the performing harpist and the hypnotist as he was knocking over one participant after another in their dazed repose. Then it was on to the glass blowers,  the candle makers and wenches flaunting their bosoms.  Quite an eye full for a 10-year-old boy.  Fortunately he was undaunted as he saw the trampoline bungee jump.  Before we knew it, he was strapped into a harness and climbing up on the blue platform.

Being securely fastened in

Just a bit of a boost

Soaring high above the Festival with a smile on his face!

Next it was on to the petting zoo.  Even though Hunter has three dogs at home, he was drawn to the bulldog puppy who was sleeping away the afternoon in his pen.  The swarms of children trying to get his attention didn’t concern the pup in the least.  A plainly dressed farm maiden with a kerchief on her head was selling fistfuls of cracked corn to feed the baby goats. Her mother was working hard at preparing vegetables for the soup pot that was hanging over the smouldering fire in the kitchen.  She was quite the story-teller, not even batting an eye as she peeled and cut onions and snapped the green beans.

As we approached the center market the aroma of turkey legs caught our attention.  Armed with a hot golden brown turkey leg, we found a wooden bench and munched away at the tender, juicy smoked turkey.  Before long a pickle vendor caught Hunter’s attention and two pickles later we were marching onward to see Puke & Snot perform their high seas comedy.

If you’ve ever been able to partake of this performance, it’s very entertaining although PG-rated.  Fortunately Hunter wasn’t noticing any of the racy jokes flying about over the audience.  His eyes were focused upon the fairies dancing by with their bright yellow banners.

Our afternoon proceeded with a visit to the Swords and Shields vendor.  The shop was swarming with little boys day-dreaming of slaying fierce dragons in the forest.  Wooden swords were flailing about in every direction as they battled the dragons that were brightly painted on the walls.

Our last stop was at the Kings Nuts vendor.  Similar to salted nut rolls, these candy delights are much heavier with sweet carmel and coated with either salty peanuts or cashews.

Finally we made our way out through the gates of the castle.  Back onto the dusty path leading to the make shift parking lot that was five times bigger than a football field.  Shining hot cars lined up in rows as far as our eyes could see.  The sights and smells of the festival once again sealed into our memories for another year.

Hunter settled into his seat and was soon asleep like the bulldog puppy laying in the sun on a fine fall afternoon.  I’m certain he was dreaming of dragons and knaves and soaring high into the bright blue sky.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sillies

  1. Jeannie
    Lovely story (about the festival) Feels as if I was there myself. Thanks for that.
    Not such a good story about the medication. Hope you are ok.
    Take care.
    Thys xxx

  2. Thank goodness you’re okay after the pill incident, Jeannie. You couldn’t ask for a better day than you and Hunter had at the Festival. Kinda made me hungry.

    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Maxi,
      There are so many fun foods to eat there… soups in bread bowls, corn on the cob dripping with butter, apple dumplings.. the list goes on and on. Not enough tummy space to try them all.

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