Infatuation Blossoms


During the coming weeks, Scott and I kept in touch daily by phone and text message.  He would send Good Mornings and well wishes throughout my days and evenings.  He would plan his next romantic adventure date two weeks later.  This time I drove to Madison and he took me on a motorcycle ride, ferry crossing and afternoon hike.  This date was a bit more adventurous in that it involved climing steep rocky knolls, crossing rock crevases ‘so you can see the scenery even better’.

At one point during the hike, the skies began to cloud up and an impending rain shower was in the distance.  We discussed the options and opted for the ‘short cut’, straight down the rocks.  Scott called it ‘stairs’, I called it climbing down a cliff.  Step by step he led us down the ‘steps’.  They were very steep footings and yes, I did make him hold my hand the whole way down.  It didn’t bother me in the least that his shoulder ached from holding his arm up to hold on for the entire descent.  Add to that of course, that there wasn’t a handy rest stop… and we’d been drinking the water I’d brought along.

Once we finally reached the bottom neither of us could maneuver our land legs.  The continuous jarring from stepping down and down and down.. had taken its toll.  The result, Jello Legs.  Fortunately we made it to the nearest rest stop with facilities and a water fountain to refill the water bottles.

The exercise and his company were wonderful that day.  Together we completed our first relationship challenge of sorts.  Hot and tired, but happy, we had passed.

The next date was in Iowa where I lived.  We took walks at a nature center and set off lighted lanterns by the lake at sunset amidst a mosquito ambush where Scott and I were the buffet.  We had lovely dinner by the lake complete with a picture of Scott on a huge Muskie.

Outside of our dating times though, real life continued on.  My divorce was nearing finalization and  his divorce process was well underway.  We were both encouraging and supportive of one another without advising each other’s outcomes.  We both had jobs and kids and every day happenings to juggle.  But we were becoming the shining light at the end of the tunnel for each other.


2 thoughts on “Infatuation Blossoms

    • Thank you Jane. Yes dating does take some bravery and so much trust. Sometimes it takes great risk to receive great reward. I jumped into life with both feet. I’ll succeed or learn a lesson of sorts… but either way, I’m participating fully in my life.
      Love you very much!

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