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The Blessings


I couldn’t see it at the time, all of the gifts that were appearing for me during such a trying time.

I think that finding the rental house on the lake was a special gift. It allowed me to live in a place of beauty while I was healing. I moved in there only seven days before that fated call came in Chicago.

Living there allowed me daily walks along the water. Watching the ducks every morning and evening as they grew their families.
It was spacious and comfortable allowing me to entertain family, friends and coworkers.
I had trees to wander through while I talked to God and listened to the wind as it rushed through the leaves.
I had exceptional sunrises and sunsets to begin and end each day.
I had a deck on the water where I’d sit and read and write and watch the boats amble by.
I had a bright beautiful kitchen to cook and create in.
And a big high bed to crawl into at the end of each day. The patio windows across from it allowed me to watch the city lights twinkle and sparkle across the water until I fell asleep.

There were blessings that came with blogging too. It gave me such a wonderful focus. It taught me to write everyday. I had to tap into my creativity. It helped me learn to persevere. And I met the most amazing people from all over the world! Some of these bloggers have become good friends. All of them have offered encouragement, writing support and feedback. Without their knowledge, they all helped to pull me out of sadness and into the light where I could begin to see again.

Three weeks later, I went to see Vicky again. I told her that I’d started a blog and was meeting new people. I didn’t cry until she asked about Scott. It was as if she had pulled off the bandaid from a cut. She said it was progress. I said it hurt. But talking with her was like adding antibiotic ointment and applying a fresh bandaid.
Just like in the picture above. If you look closely, you can see the stained glass hanging in the background. It’s still there, but it’s not the main focus any longer. Looks like I just might pull through.


11 thoughts on “The Blessings

  1. So often we neglect to see the blessings in our times of trial but they are definitely always there to get us through whatever it is that we are struggling with. Without them we would probably remain stagnant in our pain for a lot longer than we could handle…

    May blessings continue to come your way.


  2. You have been a blessing for me Jeannie and you continue to step forward and that sends a very strong message out there…the pain does ease, but I understand about the scar remaining. Your light is returning xxxxx

  3. You live in a wonderful place Jeannie, surrounded by those who love you. Still, heart pain can blur ones vision to all that is good in life. The pain can sear one to the core, make some days unbearable.

    But I sense that you’re a survivor. You see the light at the end…

    Hugs and Blessings ~ Maxi

    1. Maxi,
      The lake home was a temporary rental. I left there the day I began my trip last June. I have since relocated to Wisconsin, where I live an a lovely apartment along the river. There is a dam not far from my apartment and that has allowed the river to keep flowing through the winter. What a blessing to be able to hear the rushing water.
      My heart pain did indeed blind me to so many things. Mainly truth. How unfortuate was that.

      There is light in my life and its shine grows stronger every day.

      Love & Blessings,

  4. One of the most difficult things to do, in the midst of our dark nights of the soul, is to reach out to others. We all reach out in our own ways. Jeannie, I’m glad you reached out. Healing comes as those new bridges are constructed. I appreciate you and your courage.

    1. Life sure has had its lessons for me to master. I’m a very giving person, and its in the giving that I myself am filled. Reaching out is as natural to me as breathing.
      I’m busy building bridges.. (wish I knew how to use power tools).
      Thank you for your support and encouragements. They are very much appreciated.

      1. Building bridges with power tools…I spent the day yesterday with a man who used to build Bailey bridges in Kenya when he was in the army. They sent them across ravines a section at a time..sometimes dropping them…mostly getting them successfully across the gap. It made me think..that is what you and I are doing my lovely friend xxxx

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